7-Eleven City Blends Hands Over ‘A Cup of Thankful’ Proceeds to the FSCE

City Blends serves only honest-to-goodness coffee. Each cup contains locally-sourced Philippine Arabica beans. With this, it is only befitting in City Blends’ mission to safeguard the sustainability of good quality coffee in the country.

Recently, 7-Eleven local licensee, Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC) revealed that the Philippines was part of the top coffee exporters of the world, but over the years, the industry experienced a decline causing the country to import coffee instead.

Every year, Filipinos consume 65,000 metric tons of coffee but only 30,000 metric tons are supplied locally – and demand is still projected to rise. Currently, only 200,000 Filipinos are in the local coffee industry, where problems like low buying price, outdated production practices, unproductive coffee trees, diversification into other crops, and a lack of post-harvest production and processing facilities continue to hinder profitability.


In the hopes of revitalizing the coffee industry in the country, City Blends coffee together with 7-Eleven Philippines’ partner coffee and trading company Foundation for Sustainable Coffee Excellence (FSCE) launched ‘A Cup of Thankful’ campaign last June.

Calling for the the need to bring awareness about what is happening to the local coffee industry, the campaign made use of specially designed interactive 12oz cups that lets the customer to write on the cup what they are thankful for. The cup design allowed people to take a moment to be grateful for the good things that day, especially for the farmers that make their coffee, a daily dose of positivism.

A portion (P0.50) from the purchases of all 12 oz. City Blends cups (from June to July 2017) were given to Filipino coffee farmers in support of the local coffee industry to have access to post-harvest facilities.

Through this, 7-Eleven showed that a simple daily coffee habit can empower City Blends customers to contribute to the sustainability of good local coffee.

City Blends Category Manager Kendra Feliciano and Henry and Sons President and FSCE Director Michael Harris Conlin handing over the dehuller machine to La Trinidad Mayor Romeo Salda.

In the “A Cup of Thankful” campaign, City Blends was able to raise P274,294.50 worth of proceeds, which will be used to buy equipment, such as the dehuller and depulper, for the coffee farmers in La Trinidad, Benguet.

According to Michael Harris Conlin, Henry & Sons President and FSCE Director, the post-harvest facilities can help local coffee farmers speed up production that can lead them towards the revival of our local coffee farming.

Organized last year, FSCE gives aid to the coffee farmers in La Trinidad, Benguet and lead them to a flourishing business in the coffee industry.








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