#MakeYourOwnLuck with Olay’s Newly Re-engineered Formulas

When it comes to having flawless, youthful skin are you one of the lucky few? Olay poses this question to the modern Filipina who’s always at the top of things in doing what’s best for her. Now, there’s no need to worry about the answer, because anyone can have ageless skin, thanks to the new and improved formulation.

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The Transforminator: Arnold Aninion

Living healthy and staying fit isn’t a walk in the park. If you want to get rock hard abs and brute physical strength, it requires more than just eating right and going to the gym. Many people nowadays see the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and being fit, but that’s easier said than done. Many people step up to the plate and are up for the challenge. So you want to know the secret to living a healthy and fit lifestyle?

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Experts, Brands Unite against Diabetes

Diabetes, an autoimmune disorder that causes an elevation in a person’s blood glucose level, has existed among the most prevalent diseases for many years. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the global statistics of diabetes among adults over 18 increased from 4.7 percent in 1980 to 8.5 percent in 2014. In 2015, the disease was responsible for an estimated 1.6 million deaths.
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Building Dreams of Future Champions: MILO Philippines and FC Barcelona Kick Off 4-Year Partnership

Two global sports icons, MILO and FC Barcelona, embark on a four-year partnership aimed at enhancing the quality of life of children through a more healthy and active lifestyle. The purpose-driven partnership brings together MILO and FC Barcelona’s shared belief of youth development through sports and the values learned from them. This year, MILO Philippines launches the Road to Barcelona-a selection camp that will scout for the next football champions and give them a once in-a-lifetimeexperience training in Camp Nou, the home stadium of FC Barcelona.

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NIDO® ADVANCED PROTECTUS® 3+, #LoveThatProtects Trade Activity

Parents are wired to keep a watchful eye over their children, making sure they are healthy and safe. Kids, on the other hand, would always want to go out, explore, and play with their friends. A child’s desire to explore out of arm’s reach usually sparks a semblance of fear in parents, prompting them to become restrictive of their little one’s day-to-day activities at times.

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New Gold Seas Tuna Chunks Gives Moms a Healthier and Tastier Mealtime

Convincing the entire family to eat healthy is always a major challenge for most moms.  Somehow, family members, particularly kids, perceive healthy food as unpalatable fare. As a result, moms have to coax, maneuver, distract or plead with their kids to ensure that they eat as much they can. Fortunately, hardworking mothers now have a mouthwatering healthy meal option that they can serve up during mealtimes with the new Gold Seas Tuna Chunks.

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Allergic reactions may not be in the air after all

With the changing of seasons, it is not surprising that there will also be an increase in the cases of allergies especially among children. As such, one of the ways to safeguard your child’s health is by identifying the root cause of the allergy. However, what many may not know is that allergies need not be caused by airborne particles. In fact, many allergic reactions are stimulated through skin contact.

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Beyond the Kitchen: The Amazing Power of Salt

We know of salt as a beloved kitchen staple. But for civilizations as early as 6050 B.C., salt played a vital role in their way of life. According to Seasalt.com, empires used salt in barter trade while the Egyptians turned to it for their religious offerings. Moreover, data shown in ‘A History of Salt’ indicates that salt was used as a basis for population censuses and taxation, and salt monopolies were practiced in many states such as Italy and China.

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