IMPACT: Ardent Networks IT Summit 2017

Ardent Networks has gathered the best of the best in the IT industry to hold IMPACT: Ardent Networks IT Summit 2017. The event gathered industry stalwarts to converge as one and discuss the current state of the IT industry, and touch on where it is headed.

Originally part of LAMCO International (first Information Communication distribution agency in the country), Ardent Networks, Inc. has been established as a separate entity in 2011. From then it has grown to be one of the leaders in the industry; it has achieved so with 103-strong employee base and an integrated Supply Chain Management processes and staff.

Topics covered a wide-range of pressing issues relevant to the industry. There were forums on the latest technology and trends, and the opportunities that come with these developments. Esteemed speakers were invited to speak on topics like the future of retail, how software-defined networking and structured cabling can be leveraged for new revenue streams and other business purposes.

Resource speakers included Mr. Joel Cayacap from Panduit Philippines who led the talk on “Wired for Success”, Mr. Jhay Fausto of FatPipe Philippines spoke about Software-defined Networking, Mr. Jaffry Ng of Delta UPS Singapore lent his expertise and gave a talk on Data Center Infrastructure Intelligence.

Also included was Mr. Ed Doctolero from Avaya Philippines, who aptly led the forum on Avaya MidMarket Solutions, Mr. Gerard Policarpio of Alliance gave us insights on turning information into innovation, while Mr. Paul Caranto from Ardent Networks itself, talked about simplified collaboration. Again from Ardent, Mr. Darwin Razo led a very helpful and informative discussion on Cisco Meraki Solutions Overview and finally and aptly, if it can be said so, Mr. Gener Camiling of Cisco Security Philippines gave a talk on Cisco Security.

In a press briefing, Ardent Networks unveiled plans to grow its business this year.

Ricky Lopez, VP for Sales of Ardent Networks, announced the company’s recent strategic partnership with FatPipe Networks Inc., expecting to capture more opportunities to businesses. FatPipe is known as the Inventor and multiple Patents holder of technology that provides the highest levels of WAN Optimization, Reliability, Security, and Bandwidth Management.

Ardent Networks has also partnered with Add-On APAC Innovative Solutions, a company providing converged physical, cyber and communication security solutions.

“Ardent Networks offers technologies that help the end-users with their businesses, which will eventually translate to optimized efficiency and a support development of their respective businesses. We collaborate and partner with known distributor brands to help companies in all the industries that requires ICT solutions for their business, address on network infrastructural problems and loopholes on programs and products we have provided,” said Sharlene Yu, VP for Operations.

The last leg of the summit included a year-on-year company overview headed by its VP for Product Management, Marketing and Services Anjo De Jesus. There were also talks about Government’s Cybersecurity Plan by DICT Asec. Mr. Allan Cabanlong, wich was shortly followed by Mr. Moshe Ashkenazi’s talk about Innovative Solutions and Cybersecurity. Motivational talks about Sales/Leadership by Jonathan Petalver, Creativity and Innovation by celebrity Alodia Gosiengfiao as the speaker, as well as topic on Work-Life Balance.

The event signaled the healthy and thriving environment the industry is currently in right now. It also showed as to how much work can still be done and how much opportunities are up for grabs for industry players and stakeholders alike. We are in very exciting times, and it can be felt throughout the event how vibrant the industry is.

Ardent Networks Inc., is optimistic about the direction of the industry, and as it has proven itself time and again how invested the company is – in its people, to this industry and to this country, we can truly watch out for more from it.


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