Inside Tim Tam Ong’s Wonderland

Life is beautiful.

There’s no doubt about that. Every memory that we are able to create is a priceless and magical gift we are endowed with.

Of course, life also isn’t perfect. Life has its challenges and obstacles. In the midst of the busyness and the chaos that world imbibes, there is a place that we can all turn to surrender all our fears, doubts, and worries.

“Part of life are also the challenges that we have to face,” designer Tim Tam Ong (Tim Tam) shares. “I’ve also had my share of bad days. We just have to find the strength to rise up from these encounters.”

We are usually stronger than we think we are. We just need something to help us bounce back and be amazing. The strength that we need can come for a special place from our childhood—that precious time when life was just starting and revealing itself from mystery.

Wonderland by TIM TAM ONG stems from the idea of a haven that people turn to in order to find comfort from the chaotic and challenging world. For some people, this is an actual place. For others, it could exist only in their minds, perhaps a treasured childhood memory. It can also take the form of a passion or even a person that brings them to a peaceful state.

“It is inevitable to face challenges and disappointments in life,” Tim Tam explains. “It’s important to have a safe place that one can turn to when things get tough.”


This concept of a “haven” is beautifully and poignantly explained in a short narration that inspired the collection. The story tells the account of a little girl who followed a golden butterfly to a place called Wonderland. Here, she finds happiness and courage—knowing that she could always go back to this place. The enchanting collection brings to life the spellbinding place that the little girl went to, containing images of a butterfly, flowers and leaves. The gemstones, on the other hand, mimic the colors that were swirling in Wonderland’s sky. “It’s a collection filled with wonder and imagination.” Tim Tam enthuses. “It captures the imagination, hope and peacefulness that a child possesses. It also captures the beauty of inner peace. I hope that the pieces give its wearers the same happiness—or even more—that it gives me.”


Tim Tam and her team of artisans worked to making these images come alive paying attention to the characteristics and movement of nature. “We worked extra hard to capture the detail,” the designer explains. “So for example, when we made the butterfly, we weren’t simply trying to create a semblance of a butterfly, we wanted to bring the butterfly to life.”

The designer also stresses the wearability of the pieces, pointing out that creativity, relatability, and versatility where characteristics consciously incorporated when designing the pieces. As always, the beautiful creations root from her deep love of the Philippines and its people. Her vision to promote Philippine ingenuity and talent only gets stronger with time.

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