Netmarble’s five tips in playing Lineage 2 Revolution

After became a hit in the Korean market, Netmarble, brought the Lineage 2 Revolution to the global market. The game has  three million preregistered users, and has hit top spot on both the App Store and Google Play in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore within the first week.

To have a great experience, Netmarble, the creator itself provides five game-play tips beginners


Tip 1. Complete your Daily Quests, Weekly Quests, and Quest Scrolls!

One of the key ways to level up your character is to complete quests. While working through the main quests, you’ll come across some quests that require a minimum level to unlock. Don’t worry! Daily Quests, Weekly Quests, and Quest Scrolls will get you the extra levels you need.

 Daily Quests

You can complete up to 12 Daily Quests each day. Quests are graded by difficulty (C being the easiest and R being the hardest), and rewards increase with the difficulty of the quest. You can also refresh the Daily Quest list which will replace the quests you have not accepted with new quests. Daily Quests you have accepted will not change. When you refresh the list, you may get a higher-grade quest which will help you level up faster-but you can only refresh the list for free 3 times each day. After the third refresh, refreshing the Daily Quest list will cost 15,000 Adena. That’s a hefty amount of money for a beginner, so we advise you to stick to the free refreshes. Worried that the quest may be too hard for you to complete? Not to worry! All Daily Quests are completed automatically after a certain amount of time if they have not already been completed manually.

Weekly Quests

In addition to Daily Quests, players can complete Weekly Quests for rewards. You can complete up to 15 Weekly Quests each day and 105 Weekly Quests each week. You can also see a progress bar at the bottom for additional rewards when you complete a certain number of Weekly Quests. Only your first 60 Weekly Quest completions each week will count towards the additional rewards.

Quest Scrolls

Quest Scrolls are relatively easier to miss, but try to keep an eye out -they offer great rewards. You can complete up to 5 Quest Scroll quests each day, and the rewards differ depending on the grade. If you want higher-grade scrolls, you can collect them from Field Hunts. Since you are limited to only 5 Quest Scroll quests a day, it is beneficial to prioritize higher-grade scrolls in order to level up faster. Don’t forget that you can combine 5 Quest Scrolls of the same grade to receive a single Quest Scroll that’s one grade better. For example, take five C-grade Quest Scrolls and get a single B-grade Quest Scroll!

Tip 2. Claim various rewards every day!

There are many ways to earn rewards in Lineage2 Revolution. Rewards that can be claimed are marked with red dots, so tap away until there’s no more red! We put together a list of smaller, easier-to-miss rewards.

Login Reward

There are daily, weekly, and monthly login rewards. Stay logged in for more than 60 minutes each day, and you can claim “Einhasad’s Blessing.” Her blessing will give you triple Field Hunt Experience and Extraction Experience for one hour-which are musts for leveling up.

Auto-Clear Rewards from the Tower of Insolence

While climbing the Tower of Insolence floor by floor, and defeating Monsters along the way, don’t forget to “Auto-Clear.” Using Auto-Clear allows you to receive rewards for all the floors you’ve already cleared. You can acquire runes at the Tower of Insolence, which are essential to character growth. Auto-Clear is an easy way to acquire a lot of runes at once. Even if you don’t get a chance to climb to the top of the tower, you should at least use Auto-Clear once a day.

Earn Rewards in the Arena

Depending on your Arena rank, you will receive bonus stats and can claim various rewards once a day. You must tap the “Claim” button in the Arena menuto receive the rewards. Consistently participate in the Arena to raise your rank and receive those rewards.

Tip 3. Dont skip the tutorial!

It’s easy to skip the tutorial and assume you’ll pick up the details as you play. Skipping parts of the tutorial is okay, but don’t end the tutorial completely. Completing the tutorial will give you high-grade weapons, armor pieces, Soul Crystals, and other such perks. Canceling the tutorial will give you nothing. These gifts may give you the boost you need as a beginner, so complete the tutorial.

Tip 4. Use your Adena wisely!

Use Potions sparingly!

Potions are used automatically when your HP and MP fall below a certain threshold-which is set at 80% by default. When you’re a beginner, both will fall below 80% quite often on the field, but oftentimes you won’t need to purchase additional potions since you will receive potions as quest rewards. Still, you want to use your potions efficiently to save money in the future.

If you go into Settings, you can lower the percentage threshold where a potion will be automatically used. Set the percentage between 30% to 50%, and you’ll use potions less often, which ultimately means you’ll save Adena. If you set the percentage too low and happen to die, don’t worry. There are no penalties for dying.

Level Up / Combine / Upgrade Equipment

Leveling up, combining, and upgrading equipment costs a substantial amount of Adena. If you focus only on leveling up equipment, you’ll run out of Adena quickly. Maintain a good amount of Adena by leveling up when it’s necessary. It’s always good to have around 90,000 Adena on-handfortimeswhen you need to buy extra potions or Soul shots.

Tip 5. Take advantage of being in a clan!

Being in a clan has a lot of perk sand rewards, and can make all the difference in your success.

Clan Check-in Reward

Depending on how many clan members check in, you’ll receive more Clan Coins and Adena. Make sure to do your part and check in every day so that everyone can get great rewards.

Clan Dungeon

Band together with clan members to clear the Clan Dungeon and acquire high-grade equipment. This is particularly important for those with low-grade equipment or equipment that needs leveling up. You can use Red Stars tones to reset the Clan Dungeon so that you can enter it again.

Clan Coins

Donate to the clan to receive Clan Coins. Clan Coins are used to purchase important items like buffs, Elixir Essences, and Soul Crystals in the Clan Shop. Donate to the clan whenever you have the luxuryto do so, and you’ll reap the rewards.

Clan Achievements

Clan Achievements are achievements that are completed by members working together. Achievements provide excellent rewards, so you and your fellow clan members should make sure to complete them.

Other Miscellaneous Tips

Along with other nifty features like Auto-Quest, here’s a tip if you’re having difficulty progressing. Go to Character > Advancement and find out where you’re lacking development. You may have missed something like the Monster Codex, which can help you progress if you hunt monsters to complete codices.

Now you’re ready to head into battle and explore Talking Island like a pro. Good luck in your adventures!

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