The HP Sprocket: The gift that keeps on giving

From our Christmas traditions that make us wake up early in the morning to complete the simbang gabi to our hearty meals that last from Noche Buena to Media Noche, it’s evident that we Filipinos know a thing or two on how to spice up the holidays. But going beyond the usual holiday traditions, the best way to make this year stand out from the rest is through reminiscing the good (and not-so-good) memories that you’ve made all 2017 long.

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10-Year-Old Cebuano Athlete Journeys to Barcelona

The MILO FCB Road to Barcelona program recently culminated in a nine-day journey of extraordinary football opportunities, multicultural camaraderie, and unforgettable memories for the very first Philippine delegation. Among the group of 55 young international players from different countries namely Australia, Colombia, Jamaica, New Zealand, Tahiti, Thailand, Singapore, and Panama was 10-year-old, Cebuano football player Ethan Jacob Roxas.

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Predator Gaming Concludes the Philippine Leg of the Asia

Asia Pacific Predator League 2018, Predator Gaming’s brand new DOTA:2 league and the most anticipated eSports competition, recently concluded its Philippine Leg at the High Grounds Café. Quid Pro Quo takes home PHP 50,000.00 and will be flying to Indonesia to represent the Philippines in the finals.

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Ocean Park HK Launches First ever VR Rollercoaster as part of its Holiday Celebration

Christmastime is the best season to travel with family and friends. As Hong Kong remains as one of the top holiday destinations for Filipinos, Ocean Park Hong Kong brings its Christmas Sensation with a kick off held recently by launching Mine Train presented by Samsung Gear VR, Hong Kong’s first ever virtual reality rollercoaster, and other several exciting VR game zones.

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Holiday Family Bonding with Universal Box

When the whole family is involved in fun activities, you’ll have more opportunities to experience special moments. “Family glue” are those moments that connect your family and build deep, healthy relationships. Spending time together as a family takes planning, but it’s a good investment.

But spending quality time with your loved ones doesn’t have to take on so much time and effort. Sometimes, it’s as simple as gathering in the living room, with a special digital box, that gives more shows, more songs, more laughter, and more memories to share!

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Huawei Mate 10: The AI Smartphone

Artificial Intelligence is set to be the next big buzzword in smartphones industry. Surely you know the term AI, and it is set to be used by phone manufacturers to try and better predict how you use your device and use that info to optimize your phone to perform better. And that’s the major fresh upgrade bundled in with the new Huawei Mate 10.

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