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Harold Narte is a travel anecdotist, explorer and monochrome photography enthusiast based in Manila, Philippines. He’s been around most of Southeast Asia and plans to broaden his horizon by designing a Himalayan and Pacific backpacking trip soon.

Apart from discovering new places, this will start his realization of documenting different indigenous tribes, and vanishing cultures and traditions. His dream is to one day be able to have a book published about it. He is a keen believer of immersing oneself by breathing, dining, learning the language and be one with the natives in order to grasp the real value of a locality. At this moment, he is aggressively promoting Philippine tourism through photographs by way of social media. Loving, understanding and respecting your own backyard first is an important ideology to him.

Harold started out through the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation under the tutelage of photography masters Ador Pamintuan and Cecilia S. Angeles more than 5 years ago. It was here where he first began using film as a medium and used it for quite some time despite the availability of digital cameras. His choice of equipment back then: a Canon EOS 300x and rolls of Fujifilm Velvia 100. It was through this method that he learned discipline and patience. After all, developing a roll of film can be quite costly. Incorporating his fondness for nature, civilization and exploring the human context, he thought that by traveling around armed with his gear, he’ll be able to preserve moments, share stories and impart some knowledge to the world. In his early twenties, he went on to discover the tricky terrains of the country’s northern tips and the coastlines and fishing villages of Central Visayas. He recalls that inexperience and over eagerness got the best of him when he was younger as there were plenty of missed moments, technical carelessness and add to that, lost prints. Imagine a significant interaction with the Ifugaos during a celebration only to discover most of the shots overexposed. After a year of roaming to and fro with dissatisfying input, he gave it a cool down and learned from different fields he never imagined enjoying: fashion, portraiture and events.

Numerous digital equipment and corporate projects later, he can say he’s a jack-of-all-trades. Maximizing the time he’s away from his comfort zone, he digested what he could to understanding artificial lights, directing models and be involved with events such as weddings and prenuptial engagements. However, you know what they say, once the wanderlust bug bites, there is no known antidote. And that’s what he’s up to now, making up for it and a lot more. His choice of equipment this time: a Canon 7D and his two companion attachments, a 70-200 mm IS f2.8 telephoto and a versatile 24-105 mm f4 lens. Currently, Harold is a regular and active contributor at National Geographics’ Your Shot community. His works have been featured on numerous travel pages on Instagram, locally and internationally. He looks up to the likes of Steve McCurry, David Doubilet, Henri Cartier-Bresson, James Nachtwey and Sebastiao Salgado among others for their aesthetics and contribution to photojournalism.

When not wandering around and taking photographs, Harold prides himself to devouring the art of cinema and analyzing them on his own blog. He considers motion pictures a great influence on his works. Or perhaps booking another ticket to explore Mindanao’s mysterious regions or Palau to swim with the jellyfishes at Eil Malk Island. If there’s something he’d like to impart to aspiring photographers, he’d always tell them to breathe, appreciate, and click. Don’t get too excited because you have a fast camera, instead, live the moment then take the shot.

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