#SMDCeats Food Crawl!

With properties strategically situated in key lifestyle areas across Metro Manila, SM Development Corporation commits itself to provide its residents access to urban work-life-balance with ease through vertical villages perfectly integrated with a commercial retail environment.

And with the corporate buildings and shopping havens come the hungry and tired workers and residents, trust SMDC residences to provide them with some of the best dining and unwinding spots in the Metro. Well in fact, with so many choices, it is hard to decide where to start and end your day.

Here are our picks for some of the best #SMDCeats Pan Asia edition:


Sen Lek Thai Noodle

If you want to have a taste of authentic Thai food, Sen Lek offers authentic Thai menu with a tagline that goes like: price is cheap, but quality is great.

Bestseller here is the Pad Thai or the famous Thailand fried noodles. This rice noodles is packed with herbs and spices for good health: radish, coriander, roasted peanuts, friend garlic, bean sprouts, kuchai, spring onions, plus tofu, dried shrimps, egg and tamarind sauce. Don’t forget to season this with calamansi and chili powder. It is priced at P140 a plate.

Other must-try is the Mixed Noodle (125), and their Thai iced tea and coffee (both at P60 each).

Sen Lek Thai Noodle has been in the market since December 2000. You can visit and try the authentic Thai food at their Strip at Sea branch just at the ground level of Sea Residences.


Set against a backdrop of the awe-inspiring sunset of the Manila Bay or the stunning Makati skyline, Sea Residences is a modern resort-inspired condominium development located right at the heart of the Mall of Asia Complex. A bold new concept in condo living, this 6-tower condominium allows its residents to experience year-round “staycation”, right in their home in the city.


Mister Kabab

For those who love Mediterranean food, Mister Kabab is a real deal. It offers kebabs on sticks and affordable shawarma plates, and cakes for dessert.

Recommended food: Kabab Platter, with two sticks of each chicken, beef and lamb (P500) and Shawarma Plate (P170). Don’t forget to ask for the spicy sauce if you want to make your visit hot but memorable.

Other must try: Appetizer Platter of Persian style potato salad, eggplant with egg, eggplant with whey sauce and zucchini with yoghurt (P420); Keema or ground beef sautéed in tomatoes and chilies (P150), Basmati Rice (P200 for sharing) and Yoghurt shake (P70).




Well, Mister Kabab really can offer a great ambiance while enjoying their great food. Try their offering by visiting one of their branches located at the ground level of Strip at Shell of the Shell Residences,


Imagine, the luxury of living next to one of the Asia’s biggest malls. Where endless shopping and world-class entertainment abound. A portal that lets you shift from work to play in no time, transporting you every day from the hustle and bustle of a city to a vacation spot. This is Shell Residences, a 2.1-hectare exclusive residential complex found at the heart of the burgeoning Mall of Asia Complex in the Bay City area.


Ryu Ramen & Curry

Itching to try Ramen? Try Ryu’s best-seller Tantanmen (P360) and be absolutely delighted. It has a  delectably spicy miso-based broth with ground pork, a soft-boiled egg, negi, fragrant garlic oil, slices of tender chashu pork topped with spring onion — you’ll really feel you’re getting your money’s worth.


If you’re the type who can handle big, bold flavors, try their specialty Ryu Ramen Curry (P380), a synergy of best dishes: fresh curry combined with 3 slices of chashu and a soft boiled egg.  For a lighter, healthier spin on ramen, Negi Miso Ramen (P345) is curry-based topped with onion leeks and soy.

Another must-try, the Katsu Cheese Curry (P360), is a crispy deep-fried breaded pork cutlet with a filling of cheese served with special curry sauce and fresh white rice. Seafood lovers will surely enjoy Ebi Furai Curry (P370), a deep-fried and breaded shrimp, complemented by special curry rice.

The Toridon – flavorful chicken teriyaki with rice and mixed vegetables(P230), Katsudon – a crispy serving of special tonkatsu with rice, egg, onions and special sauce (P245), Ebi Tempura  – delicately fried prawns served with a light, fragrant dipping sauce(P470) and Pan Fried Gyoza – Japanese pot-sticker dumplings, pork or chicken and shrimp(P160) are all winners.


Darwin Dimsum HK Special

A specialty Chinese resto that serves cute dimsums such as Hello Kitty hakaw (P168), Panda vegetable buns (P128) and Mickey Mouse radish cake (P138).

Other must-try are: the Darwin’s Special hakaw (P158), the soup-exploding Xiao Long Pao (P118), the tasteful Windmill Shrimp Dumplings (P145), Mushroom Buns (P128) and Hello Kitty custard buns (P148).

Their menu is quite simple. And all prices ends with the lucky Number 8. So if you are up for a cute and lucky Chinese New Year, this is the perfect place for you.


Launched in 2010, Jazz Residences is a 4-tower “vertical village” that boasts of five-star amenities such as grand lobbies, swimming pools, fitness center, landscaped gardens and its own mall – the Jazz Mall complete with an SM Supermarket, commercial establishments and interesting restaurants such as Ryu Ramen & Curry and Darwin Dimsum HK Special.

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