TACS Expo 2017: Safety. Security. Survival. Sustainability

The 1st Tactical & Survival Expo will be held on June 1-4 at SM Megatrade Halls 1-3 in Mandaluyong City. TACS Expo’s theme “Safety, Security, and Survival Show for Sustainable Living,” addresses global issues like environment, economic uncertainty, security, and threats to order. TACS Expo will address potential, but very real situations, such as natural disasters, political upheavals and public disorder, crime, and home invasions, among others.

“The show will focus on self-reliance, how to make the most of dwindling basic resources, and how to prepare for, and deal with, emergency and life threatening situations,” said Martin Tuason, President of ARMSCOR, the show’s presentor and organizer.

TACS Expo will showcase, survival technology, gear and prepper equipment, along with traditional weapons, firearms and accessories. The show will be a learning experience for the entire family. It will demonstrate to the public that basic preparedness is not difficult to achieve. Dr. Mikey Vergara will share his knowledge and expertise on Survival Nutrition for Disaster Preparedness. There will also free seminars on “Kalis Ilustrisimo” and other modern combat solutions, Rescue trainings, How to Build a Survival Kit as well as lectures on Online LTOPF Application and FA registration.

TACS Expo 2017 is FREE to registered visitors! Just fill up a TACS Visitor Registration Form via https://tradeshowinternational.wufoo.com/forms/tactical-survival-expo-visitor-registration-form/. On-site registration/admission is P200.

Armscor Global Defense: New name, wider vision

During the TACS Expo, Arms Corporation of the Philippines (ARMSCOR) will also launch its new brand identity, Armscor Global Defense, lnc., signaling a new corporate direction and a wider vision for the company. The company’s products — firearms and ammunition, will continue to be branded as “Rock Island Armory” and “Armscor respectively.

Beyond its traditional business of firearms and ammunition, Armscor has developed, and will promote custom and packaged 360° solutions for personal, community, and regional safety and security, all the way to national defense. Like the TACS Expo, Armscor Global Defense stands for safety, security, survival and sustainability. In doing so. the company will greatly broaden its portfolio, engage with a wider range of international clients, and enter more bids and procurements.

Armscor Global Defense, Inc. has long acknowledged that arms and ammunition are not the only tools for safety, security and defense. in fact. the most important weapon in security and defense today is information, in the form of data, intelligence. experience and skill. A security or defense solution does not only consist of hardware, but is today, an ecosystem of different elements. Even hardware, on its own, is never a complete solution without training, parts, and repair and maintenance elements.

Armscor has transformed itself from a small local manufacturer, into a major player in the global market today. This has been an epic journey. but the company has realized that it must now bootstrap itself to a broader, more global stage.

At present, Armscor exports over 80% of its Philippine output. it has established two factories in the United States Armscor Cartridge, Inc. at Stevensville, Montana in 2011 and Nevada Gun Works at Pahrump, Nevada in 2016. Although Armscor products are sold in over 60 countries in six continents, the truth is that the United States remains its primary market. However. Armscor Global Defense has built the capability to go beyond the US. and Philippine markets. it plans to establish offices and facilities in Europe and elsewhere in the world within the next few years.

Many Filipino companies talk about aspiring to be world-class. Armscor Global Defense, Inc. has already achieved this, and the next step is for it to engage more with the rest of the world.

For further details, contact Armscor at 9416243 loc. 150/ 9414299/ 9414252.

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