TAXUMO: #GetStarted on Your Passion this 2018

With the new year almost around the corner, it’s not uncommon to hear people saying they’ll quit their jobs, or finally start their own businesses

Except, just like the many resolutions that have been shelved once the New Year high starts to taper off, a lot of these once-hopeful people eventually find excuses or slink back into their comfort zones.

While admittedly, ease of doing business in the Philippines has slid from 99th to 113th place according to the World Bank (with the same report ranking our country at 173th place when it comes to starting a business), that roadblock hasn’t deterred the determined entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals who are eager to pursue their passions.

Priceless Advice from Entrepreneurs to Help You #GetStarted 

For serial entrepreneur Tina Vitas, who has been employed in different local and global companies after she graduated cum laude with a degree in Economics at Boston University, patience, flexibility, and grit are what pushed her to establish her online wellness store Easy Cures (

She admits though that not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. “Not everyone has the ability to handle the unpredictability, the inconsistency and the build-as-you-go structure of starting and running a business. At the start, you will be doing pretty much everything and involved in every detail,” she muses.

But for those who do aspire to become business owners, she advises: “Ask for help from others. You’d be surprised at how accommodating and generous people can be when asked.”


Meanwhile, for Romela De Leon-Ortega, CEO of digital design and SEO agency GetSomeCola (, it takes more than just passion to get you through the hard times.

“Passion is overrated. But following a plan will take you through seasons when passion is sorely lacking, especially during lean times,” she says.

“It’s okay if you need to change plans along the way. What’s important is that you don’t get caught up with emotions and failures. Keep going and plan ahead.”





To further support her family’s needs, Mae Anonuevo, a former nurse and ESL teacher, sold online personally curated beauty products as a side gig. This eventually bloomed into a small business, MS K Beauty Trading–and Mae knew what made that happen.

She shares what people need to do to succeed like her: “Work hard. Be consistent. Pray to God. Know your products and your market’s demand.”


The Filipino Business Owner’s Best Ally: Taxumo

 Aside from their tenacity and optimism, Filipino entrepreneurs like Tina, Romela, and Mae have discovered how easier it has been to focus on their passion, thanks to the easy online tax filing and payment website Taxumo.

Tina says Taxumo has freed up her time to focus on more important things. “Taxumo is such an easy, hassle-free tax-management system to use. Instead of worrying about taxes, I now have that extra time to do what I love, which is growing the business through the acquisition of new products, and of course, adding more customers who love our Easy Cures products as much as we do.”

Romela agrees, saying she no longer feels the stress of regular compliance, thanks to Taxumo. “They take care of everything for us when it comes to filing our taxes. I am so happy that we have a partner we can depend on when it comes to our taxes, so we can focus more on our game plan and our passion for helping businesses.”

Mae thinks the tax assistance platform is a godsend: “It was really awesome news when I heard about Taxumo. I was worried about how to handle taxes when I was just starting out, but Taxumo has been really helpful in answering all of my inquiries and I can focus more on my business.”

With Taxumo, more business owners and self-employed professionals like Tina, Romela, and Mae can finally make good their new year’s resolutions, and get things started for the better.

Taxumo is the easiest way for small business owners, self-employed professionals, and freelancers in the Philippines to prepare, file, and pay their taxes. With Taxumo, all you need to do is put in your income and expenses, and Taxumo does the rest (from computing your tax dues, to filling up BIR tax forms, and paying taxes online).



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