The New Face of Security: Unlock your phone with Vivo V7+’s Face ID Access feature

by: Arlo Almorfe

New biometric ideas are being discovered as smartphones continue their way forward. The technology has evolved way faster and stronger – from the time we use passwords, PIN codes, and pattern, – we now enjoy the convenience of fingerprint scanner and iris scanners that were once a luxury enjoyed by those who own high end smartphones. This time, the Face ID has become the newest security feature in smartphone devices, and the Vivo V7 + takes pride in being equipped with such premium and revolutionary feature.

One of the biggest raves about the Vivo V7 +’s technological wonders is its Face ID Access feature. Providing a new and smarter way of unlocking a smartphone, the V7 +’s facial recognition feature allows users to “wake up” their devices by simply lifting it up in portrait mode.

Setting up the Face ID in V7+ is fairly simple. Just go to Settings, click the “Fingerprint, face and password” tab and choose Face on the next screen to setup your Face ID. After this, a face icon will appear on your lockscreen, indicating that the face unlock has been activated.

One of the fastest and smartest way of opening your smartphone, the V7+‘s face unlock technology does the trick. Aside from carrying the world’s first 24-megapixel camera, and one of the first to utilize the 18:9 FullView Display, the Vivo V7+ packs many feature that a flagship smartphone boasts. And the Face ID Acess is among its best and most anticipated features.

The Vivo V7+  is available at Php 17, 990.  Launched in September 2017, it was introduced alongside Vivo’s massive roster of celebrity and social media influencer ambassadors.

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