Ayala Foundation, NHCP launch ‘Magiting Face Mask’

A face mask bearing design elements inspired by the Philippine Flag became an
emblem of heroism and nationalism, especially during the time of COVID-19 Ayala Foundation, in partnership with the National Historical Commission of the
Philippines, officially launched on May 28 the Magiting Face Mask, which bears the
colors of the Philippine flag and the eight-rayed sun.
The face mask serves to honor our Filipino front-liners and essential workers who are
making a huge sacrifice for the nation to contain the spread of the pandemic.
The Magiting Face Mask was one of the key features of the commemoration of the
Battle of Alapan in Imus, Cavite. All guests, including the honor guards from the
Philippine Navy, wore the mask to commemorate the first unfurling of the Philippine Flag
in 1898.
The mask was also simultaneously launched at the First Digital Magiting Conference
organized by Ayala Foundation, the Department of Education, and the NHCP on the
same day. The conference, which gathered 200 Araling Panlipunan and Edukasyon sa
Pagpapakatao teachers from Region III, discussed teaching tools, methods, and other
resources to teach history and love of country, as the education system prepares for the
“new normal.” The conference was also viewed by over 1,500 participants through
Facebook Live.
“We hope to distribute the Magiting Face Mask to our front-liners and essential workers,
in recognition of their heroism during this time,” said Ruel Maranan, president of Ayala
Foundation. “Inaanyayahan rin namin kayo na patuloy na ipagmalaki ang ating bansa
kahit kailan, kahit saan. Sama-sama tayong maging magiting—sa isip, sa salita, at sa
Said NHCP Chairman Rene Escalante: “Sa taong ito, sa halip na mamigay ng maliliit na
watawat ang NHCP, sa tulong ng Ayala Foundation, ay mamimigay kami ng face mask
na may nakaguhit na simbolo ng ating bandila. Nawa’y pag nakita niyo ito, maalala nyo
ang kabayanihan ng mga rebolusyonaryong Filipino noong 1898 at ng mga COVID-19
front-liners natin sa kasalukuyang panahon.”

The Magiting Face Mask is part of Ayala Foundation’s Maging Magiting program, which
calls on Filipinos to express their love of country by giving our national symbols,
especially the Philippine flag, the respect they deserve.
In 2019 Ayala Foundation and its partners distributed Philippine flags to 10,000 public
schools, police stations, military camps, and other government offices across all 17
regions of the country.
This year, the foundation and its partners seek to distribute the face mask to community
front-liners and essential workers. The DepEd teachers who participated in the Digital
Magiting Conference were among the first to receive the masks.
Ayala Foundation President Ruel Maranan also officially turned over Magiting Face
Mask to the Philippine National Police, through Police Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar of the
Interagency Task Force for Emerging Infectious Diseases.
Magiting Face Masks were also delivered to veterans of the Philippine military.
Receiving the masks from Maranan were Undersecretary Reynaldo Mapagu,
undersecretary for Civil, Veterans, and Reservists Affairs of the Department of National
Defense; Undersecretary Ernesto Carolina, administrator of the Philippine Veterans
Affairs Office; and Retired Commodore Salvador Esguerra, vice president for operations
of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines. Also present at the turnover was NHCP
executive director B. Gen. Restituto Aguilar.
At the turnover Usec. Mapagu thanked Ayala Foundation for the face masks, which, he
said, will help “protect our most important national resource—our citizens.”
For his part, Usec. Carolina noted the value of “continuing partnership between the
public and private sector” during this time.”

Photo captions
Photo 1 — The Magiting Face Mask, designed by the National Historical Commission of
the Philippines and produced by Ayala Foundation
Photo 2 — Police Lieutenant General Guillermo Eleazar (right) receiving a Magiting
Mask from Ayala Foundation President Ruel Maranan
Photo 3 — Ayala Foundation President Ruel Maranan (left) ceremonially turns over the
Magiting Face Mask to Retired Commodore Salvador Esguerra of the Veterans
Federation of the Philippines. Looking on are Department of National Defense
Undersecretary Reynaldo Mapagu and PVAO administrator Usec. Ernesto Carolina

About Ayala Foundation
As the social development arm of the Ayala group of companies, Ayala Foundation
envisions communities where people are creative, productive, self-reliant, and proud to
be Filipino. Ayala Foundation’s main program areas are Education, Community
Leadership, Suitable and Sustainable Livelihood, and Arts and Culture.
For more information, visit www.ayalafoundation.org

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The quest for health and a natural look boosts sales of beauty products in Asia

Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights, and consulting company, announced that key drivers of growth in the Asia beauty market are natural ingredients that help consumers achieve good skin health, makeup that helps people obtain a natural look, and skincare products aimed at male shoppers. The Beauty Trends in Asia report highlights the key drivers behind the +8% growth in beauty product sales between 2017-18 compared to +4% for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) as a whole, while sales of personal care products in the region continue to outperform the total FMCG market.

“Asian people believe health is almost twice as important to their happiness as having more money,” says Ashley Kang, Head of Beauty Sector at Kantar Worldpanel division. “They see what they put on their skin as a health supplement – and this has changed the products and benefits they desire. They are extremely knowledgeable too, so brands must be transparent in their communications. The wellness trend is also encouraging certain emerging formats to thrive.”

Derma-care is becoming mainstream

New sophisticated formats in skincare and makeup that provide derma-care properties are rising in popularity. Derma brands have reached almost 45% penetration in Korea, a massive influx from just over 25% in 2017. Their second highest reach is Taiwan at 40%, an increase from 37.6% in 2017.

Derma products contain sophisticated ingredients that deliver a high level of efficacy in treating specific skin issues, such as eczema, but are increasingly used to solve more general problems, such as sensitive skin and pollution protection. With consumer brands launching their own ranges, derma-care is increasingly more mainstream, when it was once a niche segment and a domain of brands with a heritage in pharmaceuticals. Developments in retail and distribution are helping to increase the footprint of these products outside drugstores.

The natural look is driving the launch of new ranges and variants The most sought after look in Asia right now is a natural glow. Being well-hydrated is a prerequisite for this look, which has helped drive sales of serums that promise intense hydration. Penetration of serums is highest in Korea at 61%, rising from 58% in 2017. In China, penetration has increased from 18% in 2017 to nearly 26% today. 

This ‘effortless’ natural look can require significant work. The specific makeup products that help people achieve the right translucent effect include liquid foundation, BB creams, and primer/concealer – all of which are soaring in popularity. 

Kantar predicts that makeup that provides skincare or medicinal benefits will be a key growth area for the future. Various crossover products have already emerged between the skincare and makeup segments, such as toner cream that instantly brightens the skin. Positioning these products closer to skincare can be an effective strategy in China, where there remains a perception that the pigments in makeup could be harmful.

Men-only skincare is a major growth opportunity

The number of men using skincare products is also growing steadily across Asia, particularly in China, South Korea, and Thailand. They are buying in more categories as they add more steps to their beauty regime. However, most are still not buying products that have been created specifically for men. Products targeted at men contribute 10% of the total value sales for beauty in the region, but this segment is growing slower than unisex skincare brands. 

“Men in their twenties are most likely to buy men-only skincare products, but as they get older, they begin to use whatever products they find on the bathroom shelf,” continues Kang. “There is a substantial growth opportunity here for brands that can shift spend from unisex products to men-only variants, and prevent men from ‘lapsing’ as they get older, particularly for products promising oil control, anti-aging, whitening, and sunscreen benefits.”

Consumers crave products that are ‘just for me’

Shoppers in Asia believe that if a product is tailored to them, it will be more effective — and it also helps them to feel special. Customization is rapidly gaining momentum in both skincare and makeup. Computer-aided diagnosis enables skincare brands to assess an individual’s skin and formulate a product that provides the benefits specific to that individual. Makeup with customized colors, textures, and finishes is also growing in popularity.

Notes to editor:

The data and insights from this report come from the Worldpanel division’s Beauty Panel in Asia. This unique Beauty Panel tracks the usage and shopper behavior concerning beauty products.

About Kantar
Kantar is the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company. We understand more about how people think, feel, shop, share, vote and view than anyone else. Combining our expertise in human

understanding with advanced technologies, Kantar’s 30,000 people help the world’s leading organisations succeed and grow.

For further information, please visit us at www.kantar.com

Twitter: Facebook: Google +: LinkedIn

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Angela Chiappini

My expressive eyes can tell how am I today.

Editor’s Column:

And just like that, the year 2019 is officially up on our calendars. Do you have any New Year’s resolution planned this year? Like starting a new diet routine? Or setting your travel plans? Oh wait, are planning to save money? All these for sure are one of the common goals to achieve when you have a resolution. To start the year off right, you should take charge of what you are getting out of life. But before setting out your resolution you should take time to reflect on what accomplishments you’ve made last year, by adding up some changes to yourself will always be an improvement for you to look better every year.

Who among us wouldn’t love to start the New Year with a brand-new wardrobe? It all starts with yourself, maybe this year you would like to have a change in appearance, mainly on what you wear every day. You tend to set an every day look with a little bit of change, it seems like your looking for a new you. The good news: You can make over your wardrobe by adding just a few key pieces (and tossing a few as well). Here goes decluttering your wardrobe is a good start to change your look. It’s easier to declutter your closet if you know where you’ll be donating your clothing ahead of time. This way, once you are done decluttering and purging the closet, you can quickly whisk the items off to a deserving recipient making the process much easier. In a way, it also maximizes the storage space of your clothes. Being thoughtful about clothing, and our appearance, is important. Next out is organizing your clothing pieces, maybe this year you want to go for solid tones, soft embellishments or adding up some patches to your old clothes. Fashion experts say, don’t overlook the power of color to bring your look up to date, it is yet the shape, style and cut are the key ingredients of any fashion trend.


Going on to dates is about making time for each other. Be it going out with someone you love or just simply celebrating the event at home, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to steal your heart – style. Here, we help you figure out what to wear no matter where you’re going with outfit ideas from Bench.

Product & Prices:


PRICE: 849.75PHP

PRICE: 399.00PHP

PRICE: 199.00PHP

PRICE: 279.00PHP


PRICE: 499.87PHP

PRICE: 899.75PHP

PRICE: 1,199.75



PRICE: 595.00PHP

PRICE: 999.75PHP

PRICE: 1,299.75PHP

PRICE: 549.75PHP


PRICE: 599.75PHP

PRICE: 1,199.75PHP

PRICE: 499.75PHP



Chinese New Year also known as the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year is an important 15 day long festival widely celebrated in China and Malaysia. One of the traditions stemming from it, is the practice of buying new clothes. Chinese people believe that their ancestors and mythical gods will grant them fortune and good luck in the coming year. Red symbolizes luck, happiness and joy. It also represents summer season and the Southern Direction. Red also represents vitality, celebration and fertility in traditional Chinese color symbolism.

This act is symbolic as it signifies new beginnings and a good change for the new year. If you are a woman looking to honour this tradition, here are some guidelines for Chinese New Year clothes you can follow.

Tang Suit

Tang suit used to refer to dress from the Tang dynasty. If you’re a fan of Chinese martial arts, you might have seen this type of clothing in movies. Jackie Chan especially seems to like wearing them. The Tang suit was also the “dress code” for the 2001 APEC meeting.


The qipao entered mainstream Chinese culture during the Qing dynasty. But the modern styles we know today are very different from how it was originally. It began as a conservative dress with straight and loose cuts. Intricate designs were embroidered into the fabric. Through colonization, the qipao became westernized.


It is a modified version of Qing dynasty clothing and was formal wear during the 1900s. The cut for the sideways lapel symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The length of the cheongsam also represents status, since longer clothing is unsuitable for physical labor. In the Republican era, it was the clothing of educated scholars.


“Hanfu” translates literally to “clothing of the Han ethnicity.” It encompasses traditional clothing up until the Qing dynasty. This means too many types and variations to count.


Rhinestone Crystal Hair Accessory

In ancient times, men were not allowed to go without a headdress. Using chopsticks as hair accessories is a misconception. Instead, ornate wands are used. They usually taper off to an intricate design, inlaid with jewels, and trinkets hang off the end.

If you wear a hanfu, you can also add a pendant to the waistband.


Let’s start your morning in an active way, whether you’re exercising at home or at the gym you really should wear something that is fit for your healthy activities. Active wear or simply known as gym attire is widely worn by nowadays. It is because eating healthy plus exercising is a good way to live a healthy lifestyle. So here are the key necessities for an active wardrobe from Uniqlo.


P 790
Description: Seamless one-piece body construction provides a smooth fit. Mesh segments in the back of the bod

P 990
Description: These pants feels so good to wear, especially paired with the Airism seamless under wear. 


P 990
Description: Quick-drying, stretchy shorts in a perfect length for sports. With quick-drying DRY technology. Ultra-stretch material for comfort with any kind of movement. Rippled fabric gives them a textured, contoured look.

P 1490
Description: UV Cut feature protects the skin from ultraviolet rays! Versatile matte design. Pocketable for easy portability. Durable water-repellent coating sheds light rain.


Description: No seams so lines don’t show. Supports the bust during exercise.

P 590
Description: Self-deodorization to keep troublesome odors away. Anti-microbial and anti-odor properties.



Description: Ultra quick-drying DRY-EX for cool comfort. In a stylish gradient pattern. Made with revolutionary DRY-EX material that dries sweat and moisture in the blink of an eye.


Description: Quick drying and easy to move in. Cotton-like feel is great for everyday wear.


Description: Made with incredibly quick-drying DRY-EX! Breathable mesh at the waist. Ultra-quick-drying DRY-EX material keeps a fresh, smooth feel.


Description: Our convenient, pocketable parka. Ready wherever and whenever you need it. A durable water-repellent coating keeps out light rain.

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Summer Wine Dinner at Pan Pacific Manila

In Photo(L-R): Ardèche Rouge Chantelauze 2017, Event Poster, and Confit of “Pigeon”, Gratin Dauphinois, Wilted Kale Glazed Pearl onions and Baby Tomato, Petit Jus

21 May 2019, Manila– Pan Pacific Manila brought back the artistic flair in dining with a special wine and food pairing experience “Summer Wine Dinner” in partnership with Le Cellier French Wine Selection and Infinite Travel and Tours at their panoramic rooftop restaurant, Pacific Lounge last May 15, 2019 at 7:30 PM onwards. Guests were treated to a gastronomic world of aromas and flavors for only Php 3,500 net per person.

This tasting experience was attended by some of the prominent names in food & beverage scene and where they were welcomed with a lavish and sumptuous array of cocktails, amuse-bouche and overflowing Ardèche Blanc Chantelauze 2017 and Ardèche Rouge Chantelauze 2017 at the reception.

The Summer Wine Dinner at Pacific Lounge showcases five premium wines from Le Cellier, each paired with a distinct epicurean fare from our 4-course set dinner. Included on the menu is an appetizer of Pan Seared Barramundi en Petit Mesclun, Warm Lemon Vinaigrette, Poached Shrimp with Basil Oil, Smoked Baby Squid with Ponzu Sauce paired with Vina Hermosa Blanco 2017, followed by a Confit of “Pigeon”, Gratin Dauphinois, Wilted Kale Glazed Pearl onions and Baby Tomato, Petit Jus pared with Vina Hermosa Crianza Red 2015.

The highlight of the menu is Herb Crusted US Lamb Tenderloin, Wild Mushroom Fricassee, Capellini with Herbs and Garlic in Red Wine Sauce complemented by La Grange Des Combes 2015 – Saint Chinian, followed by a decadent dessert trio of Mango Lychee Mille-feuille, Strawberry Moelleux, Chocolate Mint Macaron, Berries Coulis with Chocolate Cointreau Sauce paired with Muscat Sec 2016 IGP Pays dÓc Chateau Cabezac.

Pan Pacific Manila

M. Adriatico corner General Malvar Streets, Malate, Manila, 1004, Philippines

T +63 2 318 0788 | F +63 2 310 1501

 | panpacific.com

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For AW19, Strathberry takes a plunge down the rabbit hole and explores the whimsical world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, creating a fun and eccentric collection that takes inspiration from the author’s original illustrations.

Maple, Purple Potion and a very iconic Alice Blue, are the new exclusive hues chosen to enrich a bold colour palette representing an extravagant universe filled with charming textures and curious patterns.

Strathberry’s signature styles are beautifully embroidered with; rabbits, stars, clocks and are reinvented incorporating all the playful quirkiness that defines Alice’s bizarre world.

The East/West and Tote ranges are decorated with elegant satin weaving in an optical damier that echoes the surrealistic and peculiar vibe that permeates the entire collection.

Softer and curved shapes are introduced in the form of the Breve and Allegro shoulder bags, available in both bold and understated colour combinations, with the Allegro Micro being released as the brand’s first belt bag.  

The collection also features more experimental and structured designs such as the Biscuit bag, which explores new creative ways of incorporating the brand’s signature bar, while the playful floral patterns add femininity and romance to the fantasy of this imaginative collection.

Launch – First Drop June Price Range – £275 – £795

Strathberry, is an independently owned luxury label based in Edinburgh’s West End. Instantly recognizable owing to the signature metal bar, the brand has quickly developed into one of the front runners in international leather accessories design. Integral to the Strathberry ethos is a passion for quality craftsmanship and each bag can take up to 20 hours to make. Each piece is handmade in limited quantities by skilled artisans whose understanding of leatherwork is unparalleled.

Strathberry Ltd, 4 Walker Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7LA T: +44 (0) 131 290 2690www.strathberry.com  

Best Regards, 

Diane Chow | Senior Account Manager
Fefe Chan    | Senior Account Executive

Gloria Law    | Account Executive


17/F Tesbury Centre, 28 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

E :   
E :   
E :   

M :  +852 9039 8588
M :  +852 6343 8353
M :  +852 6685 8177


  Silver, Independent Agency of the Year 


  Shortlisted for Specialist Agency of the Year 

Visit www.luxuryconversation.com for the latest insights and news on luxury in Asia.

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Alana Hadid (@lanzybear) & Mohamed Hadid (@mohamedhadid)

Los Angeles, 11th April 2019 – Scottish luxury accessories brand Strathberry jets into LA for launch party hosted with LA fashion stylist Alana Hadid to celebrate new exciting capsule collaboration.

Scottish luxury accessories brand Strathberry embarked on a trip to the US, and hosted a party to celebrate the launch of their new exciting capsule collection designed in collaboration with LA-based fashion designer and entrepreneur Alana Hadid.

The event was held at the popular boutique hotel Mama Shelter in Hollywood, and was attended by a host of influencers and LA creatives including Alaina Etue, Andreea Christina, Taye Hansbery, Ami Lasser, Mohamed Hadid, Lauren Perez and Alexandra Nechita.

The guests enjoyed dinner and drinks at the hotel’s rooftop bar, decorated to match the colours and prints of the collection. The menu featured crispy cauliflower tacos, truffle corn esquite and fresh guacamole, and was complemented by a selection of tasty cocktails especially created for the occasion, including Shapes of Strath and Hadid it. The guests toasted with Dewar’s Signature 25 YO, a premium whisky made in the Scottish Highlands that Alana tasted during her visit to the historic distillery in Scotland.

Alana hosted the event alongside Strathberry’s owner and co-founder Leeanne Hundleby.


“Tonight was amazing, good friends, good food and a phenomenal night celebrating a perfect collaboration under the Hollywood sign”


“We are incredibly excited to be here in LA celebrating this special launch with Alana. She has been a wonderful ambassador for the brand since the beginning, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work so closely with her. We have really enjoyed our time here and Alana has been such a great host and showed us the beauty of this eclectic city”.

The capsule collection launched online at strathberry.com on 10th April, includes Strathberry’s East/West Stylist with a new take on the strap and a bold leopard print, adding an urban edge that embodies Alana’s relaxed yet fashion-forward attitude. The bag is available in two colourways, Lime Green and Vanilla.

Price £350 ($490)


Strathberry, is an independently owned luxury label based in Edinburgh’s West End. Instantly recognizable owing to the signature metal bar, the brand has quickly developed into one of the front runners in international leather accessories design. Integral to the Strathberry ethos is a passion for quality craftsmanship and each bag can take up to 20 hours to make. Each piece is handmade in limited quantities by skilled artisans whose understanding of leatherwork is unparalleled.

Strathberry Ltd. 64-65, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0QJ

LEFT – Alana Hadid (@lanzybear), RIGHT – Leeanne Hundleby (Strathberry)

Alana Hadid (@lanzybear), Lauren Perez (@laurenperez), Mohamed Hadid (@mohamedhadid)

Best Regards,

Diane Chow | Senior Account Manager
Fefe Chan    | Senior Account Executive

Gloria Law    | Account Executive


17/F Tesbury Centre, 28 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

E :   
E :   
E :   

M :  +852 9039 8588
M :  +852 6343 8353
M :  +852 6685 8177


  Silver, Independent Agency of the Year 


  Shortlisted for Specialist Agency of the Year 

Visit www.luxuryconversation.com for the latest insights and news on luxury in Asia.

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Khaki Diem! Seize the Khaki

Dockers® is back in the Philippines to share that khaki may not be fancy but is far from ordinary

We live in a time where technology is growing exponentially, enabling us to do more and to know more faster. It only makes sense that the clothes we wear can keep up with our lifestyles as we move to the pace of these modern times. And this is not fast fashion, but rather smart fashion. And now, Dockers®, the most iconic name in khakis is back in the Philippines with a line that is exactly what the modern man has ordered — the Smart 360 Flex.

Dockers® is the accumulation of more than 30 years of market-leading design and innovation made to fit its wearers perfectly, utilizing comfort technology overall and in every minute detail throughout its construction. The Dockers® Smart 360 Flex is for the man who is ready for any situation.

“Whether it’s for work or play, the new Dockers® Smart 360 Flex are durable, casual, and comfortable so that men are always on for whatever comes their way,” said Charisse Chua, Country Manager of Levi Strauss Philippines, Inc.

For a man on the move, the Dockers® Smart 360 Flex are made to move with him. The pants’ innovative Four-Way Flex Technology gives wearers the enhanced comfort and confidence to rise when the occasion calls for it. It is made to last, adapting to your surroundings, always ready to work hard and play just as hard after. 

Dockers®  Smart 360 Flex

Unlike the typical stretch fabric which only stretches one way, Four-Way Flex Technology can go horizontally and vertically to deliver maximum comfort, movement, and durability. With this technology, the Dockers® brand has designed the most innovative khaki it has ever produced.

Dockers® Influencers [L-R] – Brian Poe Llamanzares of Time Master Watches & Bryan McClelland of Bambikes

Beyond comfort, Dockers® has reinforced and functional details that make the Smart 360 Flex a modern classic. It has made Covert Security Pockets for smartphones and other valuables and stretch internal pocket bags to hold everything that a man needs while on the move.

“Always On is all about instilling that no-nonsense, go-getter attitude,” explained Chua. “If your Dockers® are always on, you’ll always be on for the unexpected.”

The Dockers® Smart 360 Flex is currently available at the SM Store Menswear Department of SM North EDSA. Watch out for other Dockers® store openings at:

SM North Edsa on March 29, 2019

SM Mall of Asia on April 6, 2019

SM Makati on May 3, 2019

SM Megamall on May 10, 2019

For more information, follow Dockers Philippines (@dockers.phi) on Facebook and @dockers.ph on Instagram for updates.

About the Dockers® brand: The Dockers® brand has been the authority in khaki pants for more than 30 years. First introduced in 1986 in San Francisco, California, this classic has been at the heart of the casual movement providing

men with quality products for every occasion. Our thoughtful innovations and meaningful details have always served a purpose, not a trend.

Today, the Dockers® brand offers a wide range of apparel and accessories with no compromises in quality – always superior comfort and versatile style. The Dockers® brand is a division of Levi Strauss & Co. and available worldwide in 60 countries, on six continents. For more information about the Dockers® brand, its products, and stores, please visit http://www.dockers.com.

About Levi Strauss & Co.

Levi Strauss & Co. is one of the world’s largest brand-name apparel companies and a global leader in jeanswear. The company designs and markets jeans, casual wear and related accessories for men, women and children under the Levi’s® brands. Its products are sold in more than 110 countries worldwide through a combination of chain retailers, department stores, online sites, and a global footprint of approximately 2,900 retail stores and shop-in-shops. For more information, go to http://levi.com.ph.

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Gift of Your Hair 2019

MakatiMed offers free haircut for a cause. Beat the summer heat with a new haircut through Makati Medical Center’s “Gift of Your Hair 2019” hair donation drive. Get a free haircut for a cause by donating your hair on April 10 from 10 AM to 4 PM at the Cancer Center, 1st Floor Tower 1.

MakatiMed teamed up with HEADS by Volu-Med salon, which provides solutions for hair problems by integrating hair services with quality hair systems and wigs, for the annual donation drive. Hair experts from HEADS will provide free haircut and styling to those who will donate to MakatiMed.

The donated hair should at least be nine (9) inches long. Any hair type, including gray and white hair, will be accepted. Donors who choose to get a haircut elsewhere will still able to donate by sending the bundled hair to MakatiMed Cancer Center.

Donations will be carefully made into wigs that MakatiMed cancer patients can use. This is the fourth consecutive year that the MakatiMed Cancer Center organized the annual hair donation drive.

For inquiries and registration, please call the MakatiMed Cancer Center at 8888 999 local 7122. You can also email [email protected], or visit https://www.makatimed.net.ph/promos-and-events/event/gift-of-you-hair-2019.

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