God’s Plan

Once the siblings, John Bien Miscreola and Peter James Miscreola dreamed of being a popular musician when they were younger. We’ll, they are not the only one.  Today, they own a huge company that provides music to any event. Their fate might not end up the way they wanted to be? Or maybe not yet, who knows, right. But for FG, it’s bigger than their original dream. Perhaps, it’s God’s plan.

John Bien Miscreola and Peter James Miscreola is now the owner of FG lights and sound. Yes, it’s not a band’s name and it might differ to their dreams of being popular musician, but for me… not so much. Their names may not be famous for you (or maybe you never heard of) but their quality service is well-known to many event organizers and some biggest bosses. They might not playing music in the stage, but they are rocking at the back stage. It’s not bad after all.

Established in 2011, FG lights and sound company is one of the trusted brands in its league today. Theyprovide service in some major and biggest event you know. How big? You heard of San Miguel October fest? Now you have an idea.

When we asked Peter James about his motto, he gave us a verse in bible. “Jeremiah 29 verse 11.  For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future,” Peter James answered.  Peter James strongly believes that his life today is God’s plan.


BM: What are the services you offer?

Peter James: We are offering LED wall system, LED TV in different sizes and different pixels, projectors, trusses and we also offer staging services. But our main product that we offer is the lights and sound.

BM: What inspired you to start this kind of business?

Peter James: Actually, our purpose in building FG Audio Lights and Sounds is for our church. My younger brother and I are both pastor’s son. The idea before is to help the church. Then the sound system grew. We tried then to enter the market and with the help of God, we have good responses.

BM: Do you remember your first event?

Peter James: Yes, it’s our church event in 2011 at Parañaque. We started with a big event already with thousands of participants. That time our equipment isn’t good compare to what we have today but we completed our first event with it.

BM: How did your first event go?

Peter James: There is always space for improvement for the first timers. There is no such thing as perfect. It wasn’t perfect but for the first timer, I think it’s not bad. I can consider it good since it’s our first time. Actually, it taught us many things. The learning is always been an everyday process. Yes, you fail, but the most important is you learn.

BM: What your biggest or memorable event so far?

Peter James: Usually, we have a huge event weekly. We also sometimes cover a weddings but usually our event are huge like those events happened in Cuneta Astrodome and Ynares Coliseum. I can recall all of our events but what I consider to be most memorable for me is our church anniversary. It’s a big event that happened in Cuneta Astrodome.  

BM: What’s your favorite part of the event?

Peter James: For me, the best part is when the event is already starting. It’s fulfilling for us because our job starts before the event happened. We are at the event’s place very early, sometimes at dawn, to prepare the stage and our equipment for an event that will happen at night. The time of preparation is very long and tiring. But when the event is finally starting, it’s very fulfilling especially when the event is running smoothly and the people are happy, or when it’s church’s event. If it’s event of my church, I don’t charge them. We are tired for the preparation but when the event is starting, and the people start to sing, it’s very heartwarming.

BM:  What’s your goal in your every event?

Peter James: It is simple to satisfy our client. It doesn’t matter if they pay low, or they pay good. We’re not after the money since this is not a business for us. It’s our passion. We’re after the happiness of the client. We wanted all of our clients to be happy.

BM:  What sets you apart to other lights and sound company?

Peter James: Actually I love them all (our competitors) as well as my colleagues. It’s a small world for our industry. That is why, I value friendship. I respect them. But in FG lights and sound, our pride is we love what we do. It’s not a hobby for our free time. We love lights and sound.

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Let’s talk about Harold Calo Trinidad, the guy behind the Saxophone!!!

Harold Calo Trinidad is a 20 year old man from Sta. Rita Pampanga, who earned his

BS in Electronics Engineering at the University of the Assumption. He started to play the saxophone at the age of 17. He said being a guy who loves to play the sax is quite hard but he had experience in playing woodwind instruments, so he learn it easily.

Harold played other instruments like guitar, violin, drums, piano and other brasses and woodwind instrument.  He loves to play the sax for ballads- he just feels the rhythm and puts his soul into it. But his favorite piece using his saxophone is none other than “Forever in Love” by Kenny G.

According to him, the best thing about playing saxophone is expressing his creativity in music. Since his childhood he dreamed to be a musician; music is his passion and is in blood, because they are a family of musicians.

Let’s Talk about His Performance and Future

Being a performer is not easy, and overcoming nervousness takes practice and skill, according to Harold.  Crowds can be overwhelming, but he plays smooth songs and delivers the message of that song to the listener.  His passion in music has always been difficult to put into words, “because it means a lot to me. It is my way to express and releases my emotions. Music speaks when you can’t express it in words, music doesn’t disappoint me”.   

BM:  Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Do you consider playing saxophone as a career?

HCT:  Music is my passion but being an engineering is my profession and I want to be a successful engineer someday.

For now he focus and prioritize his studies, but he never forget his greatest dream in life that he will be a well known musician.  To listen to his pieces, check his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/SaxCover or just search for Harold Calo Trinidad to watch his previous covers!

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It is hard to imagine  a better trio of sibling golfers than Annika, Andrew and Angeli Chua. These early achievers prove that Golf is in their blood line.

It was another rainy day. The tar-black sky is concealing the sun, hinting that it’s not going to stop raining anytime soon. People outside are running for cover as the rainfall became heavier. It almost convinced me that it was a cursed trip, but then, we reached our destination.

“Hello, I’m Stephanie Chua” in a soft charming voice, arriving early for the interview despite the inclement weather.  Behind her are her good-looking kids: Annika, Andrew and Angelie, who wear sunny-bright smiles. These kids look undeniably cute and innocent but never judge them by their looks- they are young golf superstars.

Often referred to as Team Chua, these kids got their father’s “chinita eyes”, and inherited exceptional skills and passion for golfing that runs in their family.

Playing golf is another way for Chua family to bond and have together time. At least once a week, the Chua family plays golf for fun. Sometimes they even go out of the country to engage in this recreation. No wonder Andrew, Annika and Angelie developed their passion for golf.

The siblings captured public attention after winning different awards in a variety of respected golf competitions.  The most memorable: Veritas World Junior Golf, San Francisco Junior Championship, Sacramento Junior Championship, Marin Country Junior Golf Championship, Annual Charlie Culver Junior Masters, Second Harvest Junior Golf Championship, and the  Castro Valley Junior Championship, which were all held in the USA.

“Many times they were featured in different broadsheets. It humbles my heart that they are recognized,” Stephanie shared.

Annika Sophia Chua

Annika was just seven years old, but she remembers clearly her first experience in golfing.

We were in Southwoods. My brother, my uncle, my grandpa and my dad were playing golf I was just watching them. And I became fascinated. They looked like they were having fun and the thought of joining them would be enjoyable” shares Annika, the eldest sibling. Despite winning internationally, Annika confessed that she is just playing golf for fun and she doesn’t see herself as a professional golfer.

Annika’s most favourite subject is Science, and her least favourite is Math. “Definitely Math, no question.” She also shared that even though she dislikes Math she really tries her best to comprehend and concentrate on it since she wants to be in the line of business someday. “I’m fortunate having teachers assisting me to help me improve and focus on all the subjects whether it is my favorite or not.”

At  such a young age, Annika already knows what she wants to do in the near future. Her dream is to be part of her family’s business. “It’s been in my family for generations and I don’t want it to just go away like nothing since I know my grandparents  and my parents worked hard for it.”

Their family business will surely be in good hands. Annika has three rules in life. Pray. Do your best. Live life to the fullest.

You should always do your best no matter what, and no matter what brings you down, you just have to do it because life doesn’t wait for you”  Annika explained. “Complete what you have done the best you can, so yeah, at least you’ll go to sleep feeling that you’ve accomplished and did your best”.

Andrew Josh Chua

“Don’t put your achievements into your head and failures in your heart”. This is the guiding principle of Andrew and perhaps one of the reasons why he is winning tons of golf awards.

Like any typical kid, Andrew goes to school, wakes up late during weekends if there’s no tournaments and sometimes plays video games. But he’s no ordinary kid. Andrew represented the Philippines in various international tournaments.

Andrew has been playing golf since he was 5 years old. His dad, Felix Jr. taught and inspired him to play golf. “My dad is my favourite golf player because he was the one who introduced me to this sport, ” he shared.  “My trainer is Coach Buddy de Joya,  but  my Dad still teaches me”.

Last 2014, Andrew bagged his first major international title after winning Veritas Junior Golf Championship in Los Angeles, California. He was awarded Resolution No. 5 by our Senators for raising the Philippine flag in international competition. It was Andrew’s favourite and most memorable match. “I know I am not the best junior golfer, there are a lot of junior golfers better than me, but I guess it was prayers that made me win that tournament.”

Andrew admitted he’s pressured and nervous every time he has an incoming international tournament . To make himself relax a bit, he said, praying always help him to relax.  “I pray first, before I start,” Andrew explained.

As of now golf is not Andrew’s priority. “It’s  school first, then I play golf. I also try other sports and join varsity at school. My parents and grandparents always give me advice and remind me that education is very important”.

Just like her sister, Andrew’s favourite subject is Science and least favourite is Math. He shares the same concept that he has to focus in all his subjects whether he likes it or not. “Good thing my teachers are so approachable, I can ask them questions even after class. Also my Mom helps me and reminds me all the time to study.”

Angelie Nicole Chua

Angelie posed in front of a camera with her favourite trophy, and then another cute pose holding her golf club which is almost her height.

At  the age of four, Angelie joined numerous golf tournaments. She won local tournaments like TJGL Series tournament, TJGL Ryders Cup, Sino-Filipino Chinese Golf Tournament, Oakley Cup, PAL-JGFP Interclub and more.  “I like playing golf because I make friends and I win” Angelie said with sweet voice.

Aside from studying she enjoys drawing and travelling. “I love it so much whenever I travel with my whole family, specially with my Pop um and Amah” (she fondly calls her grandparents)  She also loves singing and her dream is to become a pop star. Now, we might see a golf player pop star in the future because of Angelie’s passion.

They are guided

Golf may have been the first love of the Chua siblings, but they don’t only excel in golf. These kids find schooling as fun as playing golf. In fact, TEAM CHUA are honor students since they were in preschool at Makati Hope Christian School.

“In Proverbs 22:6 it says Train up a child the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it”. This verse is always in my mind when I am raising my children. I should treat them as God’s gifts to me. Since they are from God, I should be accountable on how they will become as time passes by. We, as parents, always make sure that success doesn’t stay in their head. It should be given back to the Lord who has given them the talents they are using right now. They should honor God first in everything that they do. I believe they accomplish things with God in their life, along with perseverance and hard work. We always instil in them how those values people who are helping and training them wholeheartedly“ Stephanie explained.

Felix and Stephanie might be the proudest parents today for having such wonderful and talented kids.  Putting into words what they both said, “In everything that they do, we are here for them. But as parents, we want them to finish school. Education should be our top priority. They can continue playing golf, however, having a degree will make us feel proud of  our kids.”

At the end of the interview with their parents, their last words were “ We pray that our children will continue to glorify God in their achievements in life”.

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The Dreamer

We always hear the phrase make your passion as your profession to make your job easier; Dji Adefuin had proven it true when she built her company. 

Words by: Khent Gerald T. Barangas

Managing events with hundreds or thousands of guests is never an easy job. It would take a lot of planning, delegation, skills, and the most important of all patience. But there are some people who can carry this job like a ‘walk in the park’. Take it to Dji Adefuin, the director of IJD Events Management Services, who says her job became easy because of her love, passion and the people around her.

IJD Events Management Services started way back 2007 as a talent management. Because of her dream of being an event’s stylist, Dji decided to take broader and more complex responsibility in managing event. From a talent coordinator, Dji started giving her client various ideas in both corporate events, weddings and parties. And that’s how IJD Events Management was born.

From a simple dream, IJD Events Management Services became well-known in different industry because of high level professionalism and quality service. The company can handled a huge event even with participants up to 8000 people. “My staff are well-trained. We treat our clients as kings and queens. We love our clients and we respect our suppliers. It is the reason why we always have fun events,” she says.

Even with the demanding nature of her job and being proud as a signle mom. Dji always keeps her cool. “I feel pressure sometimes, but I have this inner feeling, inner most thoughts that I should always be calmed and relaxed”, she explains. “I think it’s because I’m really really a happy and content  person.” 

Dji’s jobs became much easier because of her love of meeting new people. “My job is not easy,but whenever I think of my son, things are getting easy. Also, if you will put something like true love on your work, everythin will become a magic. Why it should be hard, when you love that something,” she says. “

“We have kind friends and clients. Everything is a blessing.We have a different kinds of clients, so I never got tired of doing extra ordinary and innovative ideas.

When it comes to event management, you will always encounter questions “how can we do this?” Dji has always been providing the right answer to her clients in making successful event. But when the question is, “how to be successful?”,Dji believes it is important to dream and make it work. And it is only you can know if it’s the right answer.

“Don’t stop dreaming. When you dream, you should work for it. When you work, you have to dedicate it to God.  There will be no miracles if you will not work hard for everything. So you really have to put prayers in your job your dreams will surely come true.”

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Dell and Alienware Sets a New Bar for Excellence with Redesigned PC Gaming portfolio and Alienware Design

News summary

  • Dell G5 and G7 gaming laptops redesigned to deliver enhanced performance in a sleek chassis with beautiful narrow borders
  • Dell G3 15 laptop updated with new Game Shift feature to increase performance and the latest high-performance processors from Intel and NVIDIA GeForce GPUs 
  • Dell’s first G Series desktop delivers powerful gaming in a compact form with a gamer-inspired design on a wallet-friendly budget and optional clear side panel
  • Alienware m15 thin and lightweight gaming laptop features Alienware’s new design ID, Legend
  • Alienware Command Center allows gamers to customize all aspects of their gameplay

Full story

Dell is bringing innovation front and center to satisfy the growing PC gaming market in the Philippines with the introduction of the new Dell G Series laptops – G7 15 (7590), G5 15 (5590) and G3 15 (3590). And adding to the excitement, Alienware m15 laptop and Dell G5 gaming desktop are finally arriving in the Philippines too.

The new devices were showcased in a press launch held at the Green Sun Hotel in Makati City. These powerful gaming machines are each designed to cater all gaming needs, from beginner to professional gamers, and ensure all users will enjoy immersive gaming experience.

“Gamers have high expectations from Dell when it comes to our gaming products,” said Jay Tran, Consumer Director, Dell Technologies, South Asia. “And with all new gamer-inspired designs, without a doubt, these powerful machines will bring more people to experience PC gaming and advance the gaming industry in Philippines,”

Jay Ranola, Consumer Head, Dell Technologies, Philippines added, “We recognize that the local gaming community has become more diverse, from the professionals that seek responsive and seamless performance for intense gameplay, to casual gamers that look for a competitively priced gaming machine to. Now, every gamer in the Philippines can truly enjoy the new realm of gaming with our complete gaming portfolio, both Dell G Series and Alienware.”

Dell G7 15 (7590): Slim but Savage

The award-winning G7 15 is one of the thinnest gaming laptops in the market. At 19.9mm thin and weight starting at 2.62kg,[i] this powerful and portable system has style to spare. The three-piece metal construction braces the system for exceptional rigidity despite the thin profile, and a deluxe palm rest with brushed metal finish completes the ultra-sleek look. A quick-charging 60 or 90WHr[ii] battery makes gaming on-the-go a breeze.

In the Philippines, The G7 15 will be available in Abyss Grey color.

Dell G5 15 & G5 15 SE (5590): Bring Out your Battle Cry

The Dell G5 15 take visuals to the next level by in-plane switching and making images appear crisp from virtually every angle on the 15.6-inch screen. A truly immersive on-screen experience is created with narrow borders on the sides of the display to decrease distraction and allow for a sleeker look.

For superior multimedia connectivity, the Dell G5 has a full-size HDMI 2.0 port that can plug into external monitors and supports up to 4K. Single-cable docking for video, data, and power is made possible with the laptop’s SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port that supports DisplayPort, Power Delivery and Thunderbolt 3 with transfer in speed up to 40 Gbps. This laptop comes with a 60Whrii integrated battery for gaming on-the-go.

The Dell G5 15 features a height of 23.7mm, with a metal palm rest for support and durability. It is available in Deep Space Black color with blue accents, allowing users to game in style. A special edition in Alpine White is also available.

Dell G3 15 (3590): The Next Level Awaits

Dell’s G3 15 delivers plenty of power and performance at a competitive price point. The new Game Shift feature enables maximum fan speed for optimal processor performance during periods of intense gaming with the click of one button. The 15-inch G3 also shows its outward innovations through a S-curve thin-and-sleek design and narrow borders to accommodate larger component ports near the back.

At 21.6mm thin, the G3 comes with a 51Whrii integrated battery. It is available in Eclipse Black color.

9th Gen Intel Core Mobile Processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20-series and GTX 16-series GPUs Options in the Latest Dell G Series Laptops

All three new G Series laptops are redesigned to deliver enhanced performance with upscale features in a sleek chassis. The 9th Gen Intel Core mobile CPUs, up to i7, offer desktop-caliber performance to the Dell G Series laptops, delivering up to 5.0 GHz Turbo, 8 cores, and 16 threads to play demanding AAA games or complete taxing, creative workloads like editing and rendering.

Complementing this is NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX graphic cards up to 1660Ti, built with the breakthrough graphics performance of award-winning NVIDIA Turing architecture, a blazing-fast supercharger for today’s most popular games. Available on GeForce GTX 1660Ti and RTX 2060 and 2070 graphics options.

The 15-inch FHD anti-glare display screen with three-sided narrow borders, wide-viewing angle and in-plane switching offers immersive on-screen experience and completes its beautiful design.

For flawless on-the-go gaming, its killer Gigbit Ethernet Controller is designed to deliver incredible throughput and lower latency gameplay, lowering any instances of lagging or jittering while playing. And the embedded nahimic 3D Audio for gamers powers two front-firing speakers, intuitive audio and voice controls, and visual sound tracking for an added edge in games.

In addition to its blazing up to 240Hz refresh, the new Dell G7 laptop offer a 4-zone RGB keyboard with customizable backlighting for the first time. And with huge cooling vents and dual-fan cooling technology, this machine will stay cool and quiet under the load of demanding games.

These powerful gaming machines also offer huge storage capacity up to 512 GB NVMe PCIe SSD and can be expanded to dual storage as needed. The G Series are embedded with complete ports options, including HDMI 2.0 port, Superspeed USB 3.1 ports, Standard SD/MicroMedia card slot, wedge lock slot and headphone/mic port.

The first G Series Desktop – Dell G5

For the new PC gamer, to gamers looking to game on a budget, the new Dell G5 Desktop extends the G Series brand into the realm of desktops. The Dell G5 desktop is designed to offer game-ready power, graphics and features in a compact, upgradeable form. Up to i7K-Series CPUs and VR-capable NVIDIA GeForce GTX® and RTXTM graphics, high-fidelity visuals and split-second responsiveness for superior 1440p gaming experience.

It is easy to expand or upgrade with a tool-less entry and additional storage slots inside. Optimal cooling design along with four thermal mode options that can be set in the Alienware Command Center, provide the ability to adjust to your needs, whether gaming, working, studying or watching videos. The surprisingly compact design takes up minimal space, making it easier to game in a smaller space like a dorm room, bedroom, or den. A distinctive, gamer-inspired design with blue LED lighting and optional clear window side panel gives the G5 gaming desktop a dynamic look and feel.

The Dell G5 gaming desktop will be available in Dell retail stores in the Philippines starting December 2019.

New Alienware m15 designed from the ground up to be thinner and more powerful with the Legend design

Alienware introduces a totally redesigned Alienware m15 that is leaner, more advanced and more powerful than its predecessor. With a starting weight under 4.7lbs, Alienware is proud to release its thinnest 15” gaming laptops to date.  Not only do it introduce Alienware’s new Legend industrial design, the new Alienware m15 also introduces innovation culminating from everything the Alienware design team has learned over the years – giving them a clean slate to design around anticipated issues and enabling them to reach new heights in sophistication.

The Alienware m15 is engineered for gamers who prioritize mobility without compromise to performance by offering Intel processors and NVIDA GeForce GPUs. Numerous display technologies enhance gameplay with the m15 being the world’s first 15” laptop to feature Tobii eyetracking, while maintaining vivid color integrity. Gamers can also choose between 144Hz or 240Hz refresh panel. The latest Alienware Cyro-Tech 3.0 offers a newly optimized thermal module design to improve cooling performance, increasing airflow by 20% over the previous generation of the m15. Additional design features include an all-magnesium chassis, smooth-edge, narrow-bezel design, re-engineered keyboard, precision-point glass touchpad, SSD-only storage, and per key RGB LED AlienFX lighting.

Gamers can enjoy unprecedented performance while gaming with Alienware m15 thanks to the hyper-efficient voltage regulation or VRM feature. The VRM allows the system to hold GPU and CPU performance high for a longer sustained time than typical gaming notebooks.

Alienware Command Center

These new Dell G Series laptops comes with Dell’s premium software, Alienware Command Center, the central hub that allows gamers to customize all aspect of their experience including system and peripheral lighting, power management, thermal control, audio, and content organization.

Dell Premium Support

All Dell PC solutions for retail consumers are equipped with Premium Support Services, namely services with the most features in a service plan (support plan). This service is equipped with features such as virus removal, repair for accidental damage and automatic scanning to optimize the “health” of the PC to ensure the best PC performance.

Premium Support also features SupportAssist, Dell’s exclusive technology that helps simplify PC management. Users can enjoy maximum PC performance when they activate this feature.

Users can also get the help of Dell expert technicians who are ready to provide personal assistance or one-on-one for almost any hardware or software problem. Whether to enable parental control, back up data, or optimize a user’s hard drive and software settings to enjoy the performance of a new PC, Dell’s expert technicians are ready to deal with all the problems that may be faced by Dell PC users.

Premium Support services include:

  • Access 24×7 by telephone to hardware and software experts
  • Onsite repair service after remote diagnosis
  • Repairs for accidental damage such as falls, spills, and electrical power problems
  • Collaborative assistance to address common software issues
  • Personal assistance with software for more complicated problems, or to help back up data, parental and other controls
  • International support
  • Support of parental control software
  • Features of Support Assist technology that is activated for:
    • Proactively detect problems and contact Dell, while sending notifications to users
    • Predict problems before they occur
    • Remove viruses and malware
    • Optimize PC performance automatically

This service is available nationwide in the Philippines. Customers can call the Dell Hotline at 1800 1601 0061 (Toll-Free) or +632 883 0677 (Non Toll-Free) to access this service.


All systems are already available in Dell authorized retailer, unless stated differently.

  • Dell G3 15 (3590) price starts from PHP 46,990.00
  • Dell G5 15 (5590) price starts from PHP 68,990.00
  • Dell G7 15 (7590) price starts from PHP 113,990.00
  • Dell G5 desktop price starts from PHP 57,990, and will be available starting end November 2019
  • Alienware m15 price starts from PHP 149,990.00, and will be available 3rd week of October starting early December 2019

Additional resources

  • Facebook and Instagram.

About Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies (NYSE:DELL) is a unique family of businesses that helps organizations and individuals build their digital future and transform how they work, live, and play. The company provides customers with the industry’s broadest and most innovative technology and services portfolio spanning from edge to core to cloud.

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