Get Infected with the Horror of Crow’s Blood

If there is one thing that would scare the daylight out of you, it would be a horror movie. The chilling feeling when watching just gives you a rush of excitement and adrenaline that no one can explain. Remember the time when Emily Rose twisted her body while being exorcised? Or how about the infamous kid under the sheets from the Japanese horror film, the grudge? Scary, right?

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Creative Minds Form a Unique Art and Fine Food Partnership

Salcedo Auctions, a renowned auction house, continues to break new ground with the launch of its subsidiary brand Gavel & Block, which will introduce the auction platform to a contemporary audience through current and accessible quarterly themed sales dedicated to art, design, and the world of valuable collectibles.

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Fox Movies celebrates a new look

Home to the most popular and critically acclaimed films in the Philippines, Star Movies officially changes to FOX Movies on 10 June 2017. To celebrate, FOX Movies will show 52 blockbuster movie titles for 52 nights, beginning 10 June to 31 July. Tune in for an exclusive nightly line-up of the best Hollywood hits, including 24 blockbuster film premieres airing on the small screen for the very first time.

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Sony EXTRA BASS Fuels Dance Passion in WOD PH 2017

All roads led to the UP for the biggest showdown in the local urban dance community, the World of Dance Philippines Qualifier 2017 powered by Sony EXTRA BASS. The day was filled with heart-pumping and bass-boosting performances from the 95 performers who went head-to-head in the All Styles Battle, 13 crews who vied for the Youth Division crown and the 28 crews who vied for the Upper Division crown in the main event.

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Philippines’ Next Top Model on TV5: A Fiercer Cycle 2

Runways, go-sees, dashing outfits and a little bit of drama are just a few of what’s in store for you as Philippines’ Next Top Model (PNTM) Cycle 2 graces your TV screens. But before making its way into your homes, PNTM rocked its media launch, the only way it should – through a fab fashion show.

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Not for the Weak, Thrills of the Week

Have you ever tried looking at the rear view mirror while driving through Balete drive at night? Or have you ever gone ghost hunting with your friends and actually saw some kind of paranormal activity?

Everyone has all had their fair share of scary stories, whether it’s the story of the infamous “White Lady” or the “Manananggal”, the Filipino’s supernatural beliefs will never fail to give the chills at night. No matter how scared people are of these stories, everyone enjoys listening to them.

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