Vivo V7 Plus: The Mini Theatre

by: Arlo Almorfe

Through the past few years, many companies have opted for the motto of “the bigger, the better” in terms of smartphone design. Some back then have already produced devices with  displays up to 5 inches, which people deemed “too big” for the hand. Phones with 5.5 inches and above are called “phablets” – a portmanteau of phone and tablet. These innovation is revolutionary because we are introduced to a new entertainment platform other than televisions and computers.

2017 marked the year for the bezel-less race, where smartphone companies strive to create  smartphones with more screen as possible. Thus the creation of the 18:9 display trend that builds a ground for future smartphones. One of the early devices to adapt this vision is the Vivo V7 Plus.

With a 5.99-inch Fullview display, the Vivo V7 Plus is the perfect device to binge watch. Experience a whole new level of entertainment with its 84.4% screen-to-body ratio – a totally huge screen that can fit comfortably in your palm. It has a 1440 x 720 HD resolution which equates to 267 ppi that provides a pleasant viewing experience. With a great screen real estate, watching with your friends is never a bother.

The V7 Plus is also equipped with Vivo’s fully upgraded AK4376A Hi-Fi audio chip which takes mobile audio technology to a whole new level. The Hi-Fi stands for high fidelity sound quality which is produced by a professional hi-fi chip. A dual chip audio decoding program further emphasizes the Hi-fi feature of V7 Plus to give a more immersive sound quality when watching. Just turn on the dedicated Hi-Fi button in Vivo’s video player.

It goes to say that bigger is really better. As smartphone companies continue to evolve, we , the lucky consumers get to experience the latest innovations that today has to offer. And with that comes the largest screens we have seen in mobile devices. The Vivo V7 Plus gives you just that – a huge display that can serve as your own mini theatre.

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