20 Valentine’s and Chinese New Year Wish List for Lifestyle section

By Almira Blancada

We prioritize and want things that we can use for a long time rather than short term things only good for the feed, without any benefit in our lives. So if you are having a hard time looking for a gift for your urban professional significant other, family member, or even to yourself—we’ve listed items and places we’re sure are on their wish list. 

  1. Aztec Clay Mask

After a long stressful day, our skin craves its rest time. Of course, we still want to look good for our loved ones! Aztec Clay Mask is known for making wonders as it provides everything your skin needs, making it their go-to mask. It makes your face pulsate and vacuums impurities deep in your skin. Plus, it’s also a 100% natural calcium bentonite clay, so you can still use this even if you have delicate skin. Just make sure to only stay it on for 10-15 minutes and after doing so, you can now say goodbye to your insecurities as your skin conditions clear up!

2.Fitbit Charge 3 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

The Fitbit Charge 3 Heart Rate + Fitness Band Activity Tracker reveals insights about your body and fitness, your new healthcare consultant!  This device measures your heart rate 24/7, tracks the calorie you burn, goal progress, and sleep schedule to show how huge of an impact even the small parts of your day have. You can even choose from 15+ exercise modes like run, bike, swim, and more, and get real-time heart rate zones to see the effect of your workouts! Through this, you will know your body and get a better understanding of where your fitness level is so you can take action and improve yourself while you become aware of your health. You can buy this new fitness tracker for P9,990 and choose from two different styles; black with a graphite aluminum case or blue-gray with a rose gold aluminum case.

3.Sharper Image’s Total Hand Compression Massager

One of the things that we take for granted is our hands. That’s why Sharper Image’s Total Hand Compression Massager made with a soft, cloth-lined chamber which soothes and restores hand muscles and joints, and squeezes away aches and stress is something we all need to give our tired, achy hands a robust massage experience. Plus, it’s easy to operate, has an automatic timer, and features two massage modes (basic and wave) which have an accommodating intensity and optional heat— use it while relaxing or watching TV.

4.Precious Herbal Pillows

A soft yet beneficial item you can use even during work, the 100% natural aromatherapy herbal heat Precious Herbal Pillow is filled with pure natural grains, aromatic herbs, and essential oils. It may be used as a hot compress to keep blood flow circulating or cold compress to help reduce swelling and restore strength by slowing down the flow of blood and other fluids caused by strains, cramps, or any type of injury. It also improves your blood circulation and relieves headaches and backaches, allowing natural wellness flow through your body!

5.Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger with Chamomile Tea

Loved both for its taste and soothing properties, Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger with Chamomile Tea is rather affordable (P599 in Lazada, free shipping) for being labeled as a high quality wellness tea.  One box contains 16 sealed tea bags of the mildest ginger combined with a calming chamomile and aromatic yet spicy herbal tea that will give relaxation to your digestive system. The herbalists behind this give importance in this product’s purity and effectiveness.  Rest assured, it will relieve your occasional indigestion and nausea with its all certified organic ingredients!

6.Philips Wake-up Light

As much as we hate to admit it, there are times that it’s just so hard to wake up early in the morning. With your closed windows blocked by curtains, it’s hard to see if the sun has risen. Well, here’s something to help you start your day in the right way, the alarm clock that wakes you up more naturally refreshed and improves your ability to function at any time in the morning—The Philips Wake-up light is the alarm clock that starts glowing thirty minutes before the time you set the alarm in, portraying a sunlight that’s near you. It will make your eyes feel the brightness as it gradually increases up to 200 Lux and follows an increasing noise as the goal is to make you ready to start the day by the time your alarm goes off. Don’t worry, the noise is not as annoying as your usual alarm clocks because the sound has two soothing options, a radio station of your choice and the birds of the nature that goes well with your sunrise.  Plus, it also has a night light which you can turn on when you need to get up at night.

7.Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Earphones

Expect the quality of your music to sound better with the first in-ear model, the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear earphones. This contains an excellent well-controlled bass to avoid the higher frequency areas with the impact you might not expect with most in-ear headphones. The bass depth is so incredible that it provides outstanding dynamic range and delivers a detailed and accurate sound with tangle-free cables unlike anything else out there. Plus, you’re not going to be disappointed with its stunning structure as the design embraces color with its matte and glossy texture of features and metallic and dark red shade that makes it look so sporty and refined!

8.Uniqlo Super Non-Iron Shirt

This 100% cotton dress shirt by Uniqlo is the best when it comes to fit and wrinkle resistant—the perfect shirt to wear on any occasion. It is so advanced that it had to be specially engineered for the 80-count threads that give the pinpoint Oxford material a very glossy, elegant feel when you wear it for your sophisticated and business casual style. The button-down collar looks great with ties and has a solid quality that moves and folds pleasantly.  The collar can be rolled high enough for a clean and strong look even with two buttons undone! P1,490

9.The Bamboo Company Eco-Friendly Set

We’re all about saving the environment, as we look for a better alternative in all things disposable, it’s nice to find an association like the Bamboo Company. With their eco-friendly values, the Bamboo Company produces naturally-sourced products such as straws, utensils, and fruit snack bags to create the best solutions to help preserve the environment. With the goal of creating a better world even in small steps, their eco-friendly set which only costs P379 already has 1 Panda charcoal bamboo toothbrush and Lakbawayan travel case.

10.Sonos One Speaker

The speaker that totally sets the bar when it comes to quality, multi-room audio, and smart home compatibility—Sonos One Speaker pumps out tunes. It is Alexa enabled, and supports Apple Airplay 2 that it is probably the smartest speaker made today. This speaker can connect to a hundred different audio services around the world and is also the only speaker that can pair with almost all speakers. It has a terrific and detailed sound which proves that it’s made with high-quality components making your home the coolest!

11.Everest Cooler Lunch Bag

This 12 ounce insulated cooler lunch bag may look like a simple small lunch bag on the outside, but you’ll be surprised with how deep and spacious the inside is for your on-the-go lunch and snacks! Plus, it even has a front zippered pocket for your utensils and napkins, a dual side mesh pockets for additional storage for drinks, and an adjustable strap for carrying so you can bring it anywhere.  Its interior vinyl lining makes for easy cleaning.

12.Fila Disruptor II Shoes

Everyone’s on-the-go and must-have stylish kicks, Fila has taken their first athletic pair of shoes, the Fila Disruptor and transformed them into a better and bolder version with the Fila Disruptor II.  The new version is more appealing and comfortable for outdoor engagements like jogging, running, or even a field day at work. And with this goal, it’s made with complete rubber outsoles, molded foot beds, and a lightweight EVA midsole that will make you look strong and durable for any activity.  Plus, it’s available in numerous colors and fabrications from leather to pastel pink to fit with your personal style.


A heaven for stationery lovers out there, iFEX Paper Bar is a shop that lets you create your uniquely personalized notebooks! Instead of looking for and buying your ideal notebook, you’ll be able to make one yourself!  At the iFEX Paper Bar, you select the size, color, inserts, and number of sheets. You can also choose the cover name (up to 16 characters long) which will be embossed on the front in gold or silver lettering.  So if you’re currently looking for the perfect gift or for yourself, just go to National Bookstore Glorietta 1, Shangri-La Plaza, and SM Megamall to visit the iFEX Paper Bar!

14.Mindful Movement Asia Pilates Studio in Makati

An intelligent exercise made for your mind, body, and soul—Pilates makes you enjoy exercising at a slow and steady pace. As strengthening your body awareness and posture alignment is one of the important keys of an obvious healthy living, Mindful Movement Asia Pilates Studio is where you should be after every long stressful day. As the only pure Stott Pilates Studio and Pilates Rehab Studio in the country, Mindful Movement Asia Pilates Studio has trainers that are also physical therapists which were taught to assess every person’s capability to assure the people they teach are safe. Located at Sen. Gil Puyat in Makati, rates start from P600 to P2,500 depending on the class.

15.Splash Tub in Sandbox Pampanga


Sandbox Pampanga’s first 1,200 sqm water facility, Splash Tub which opened last July, has 11 obstacle courses divided in three stations. The Ball Traverse makes you cross four giant balls while holding on to ropes above them, the Over and Under forces you to slip between inflatable bars, and the Wreckers which try to throw you out of balance while walking on the slippery platforms. This is a fun place to visit if you’re a group of adventurous people because the team with the fastest record wins the challenge.  Plus, there are fun-shaped inflatables and unicorn floaters available at the jacuzzi-like lounge pool that you can use for your Instagram-worthy selfies! Located at Alviera, Porac Access Road, Pampanga, the entrance rates start from P100 for kids to P250 for adults.

16.ATV Adventures in Rizal

No doubt, Rizal is home to many breathtaking views and splendid waterfalls, so if you want to connect to nature more, just travel to ATV Adventures, which has extreme vehicles. If you’re scared of breaking your bones through this ride, although operating it is easy, don’t worry as they require every rider complete a safety orientation first and a short test drive before starting. Riders have described this as one of their most challenging adventures as they experienced being covered with mud and going around the heart of the jungle. You can choose among five tours from the short trail to the jungle trail adventure. Either way, your memories will be unforgettable!

What to bring:  GoPro Camera, Insect repellent, Sunglasses, Sunblock, Water bottle

How to get there: 50 meters from Bikers’ Camp, Antipolo.  From Marcos Highway drive along until you reach Antipolo Hospital, then turn left to Marikina River Basin.

17.Masungi Geo-reserve in Rizal

The 10-kilometer spine of limestone discovery trail of Masungi Geo-reserve is an incredible adventure with rope obstacles, ladders, and bridges that allow us to go through the highlights of the geo-reserve to see the prime attractions such as their terrific rock formations and inviting greenery. Its name originates from “masungki” which means “spiked” that refers to the jagged rocks of the beautiful landscape. Filled with native plants such as jade vine and guyabero of the Philippines that were placed there to be protected, you would surely love spending your weekend in fresh air as you hike all the way to the end!

How to get there: Via the right side of Marcos Highway road, just drive along until you get to Kilometer 47, Baras, Rizal.

18.City Kart racing in Circuit Makati

City Kart racing is the fun and challenging track that will make your heart race from too much excitement! This is where both professionals and beginners can enjoy cart racing with friends and family.  Expect your money’s worth in a time limit of 12-15 minutes as you can safely speed around a 600-meter track.  In the evening, there’s a different course. Situated at Circuit Makati, Brgy. Carmona, Makati City, rates also differ depending on your cart: Funkart (for general use) is P650, Kiddie kart (for children) is P700, Prokart (for professional use) is P950, and Baby Kart (under five years old) is P1,800.

19.Dessert Museum in Pasay

When it comes to achieving your sugar-filled happiness, Dessert Museum is the place to visit for a whole new level of sugar high.  Besides taking the sweetest pictures, also slide and feed your luscious soul as you taste actual sweets that await you in 8 mouthwatering rooms, including the Marshmallow Paradise and Cotton Candy Forest. The 12,000-sq. ft. museum located at the S. Maison Mall in Pasay City is built to satisfy your sweet tooth and spread joy to everyone as the tour lasts for about two hours. You can avail the tickets online for P699 or walk-in for P799.  Welcome to the world of desserts!


At the Alfonso Street of Poblacion, Makati City, there’s a place perfect for people who love quiet hours as this restaurant prioritizes going back to our roots with a lot of Filipino touches and techniques that are mostly locally sourced comfort food. AKBD is the sweet and comfortable home where you can chill. Whether it’s with your squad or family, AKBD’s space offers more than just the Filipino-centered menu.  Taste the Eenie Meanie Bucatini that has a creamy egg sauce and enjoyable firm texture of bucatini mixed with porcini mushrooms and smoked bacon.  Owner Lica Ibarra’s touch makes you feel cozy with its delightful ambiance that blossoms on its modernized local interior design from its retro chairs up to flourishing tables—a memorable and classy restaurant.

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