God’s Plan

Once the siblings, John Bien Miscreola and Peter James Miscreola dreamed of being a popular musician when they were younger. We’ll, they are not the only one.  Today, they own a huge company that provides music to any event. Their fate might not end up the way they wanted to be? Or maybe not yet, who knows, right. But for FG, it’s bigger than their original dream. Perhaps, it’s God’s plan.

John Bien Miscreola and Peter James Miscreola is now the owner of FG lights and sound. Yes, it’s not a band’s name and it might differ to their dreams of being popular musician, but for me… not so much. Their names may not be famous for you (or maybe you never heard of) but their quality service is well-known to many event organizers and some biggest bosses. They might not playing music in the stage, but they are rocking at the back stage. It’s not bad after all.

Established in 2011, FG lights and sound company is one of the trusted brands in its league today. Theyprovide service in some major and biggest event you know. How big? You heard of San Miguel October fest? Now you have an idea.

When we asked Peter James about his motto, he gave us a verse in bible. “Jeremiah 29 verse 11.  For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future,” Peter James answered.  Peter James strongly believes that his life today is God’s plan.


BM: What are the services you offer?

Peter James: We are offering LED wall system, LED TV in different sizes and different pixels, projectors, trusses and we also offer staging services. But our main product that we offer is the lights and sound.

BM: What inspired you to start this kind of business?

Peter James: Actually, our purpose in building FG Audio Lights and Sounds is for our church. My younger brother and I are both pastor’s son. The idea before is to help the church. Then the sound system grew. We tried then to enter the market and with the help of God, we have good responses.

BM: Do you remember your first event?

Peter James: Yes, it’s our church event in 2011 at Parañaque. We started with a big event already with thousands of participants. That time our equipment isn’t good compare to what we have today but we completed our first event with it.

BM: How did your first event go?

Peter James: There is always space for improvement for the first timers. There is no such thing as perfect. It wasn’t perfect but for the first timer, I think it’s not bad. I can consider it good since it’s our first time. Actually, it taught us many things. The learning is always been an everyday process. Yes, you fail, but the most important is you learn.

BM: What your biggest or memorable event so far?

Peter James: Usually, we have a huge event weekly. We also sometimes cover a weddings but usually our event are huge like those events happened in Cuneta Astrodome and Ynares Coliseum. I can recall all of our events but what I consider to be most memorable for me is our church anniversary. It’s a big event that happened in Cuneta Astrodome.  

BM: What’s your favorite part of the event?

Peter James: For me, the best part is when the event is already starting. It’s fulfilling for us because our job starts before the event happened. We are at the event’s place very early, sometimes at dawn, to prepare the stage and our equipment for an event that will happen at night. The time of preparation is very long and tiring. But when the event is finally starting, it’s very fulfilling especially when the event is running smoothly and the people are happy, or when it’s church’s event. If it’s event of my church, I don’t charge them. We are tired for the preparation but when the event is starting, and the people start to sing, it’s very heartwarming.

BM:  What’s your goal in your every event?

Peter James: It is simple to satisfy our client. It doesn’t matter if they pay low, or they pay good. We’re not after the money since this is not a business for us. It’s our passion. We’re after the happiness of the client. We wanted all of our clients to be happy.

BM:  What sets you apart to other lights and sound company?

Peter James: Actually I love them all (our competitors) as well as my colleagues. It’s a small world for our industry. That is why, I value friendship. I respect them. But in FG lights and sound, our pride is we love what we do. It’s not a hobby for our free time. We love lights and sound.

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