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People may wonder why Synopsis Magazine features new actors in an online cover of Genius Teens.  Well it’s about time our industry introduces new faces, new talents in this rapidly changing 21st Century.  As doors open for the newcomers, the “umay” factor in established television and movies will vanish.

Utmost Creatives is very proud to introduce to you new discovered actors in the industry, but from the “indie world” who were once bit players.   We now aspire for equal billing with the mainstream actors and indies.

In the Superhero Edition of Synopsis Magazine we are featuring Angel Laco, an excellent actor  portraying the role of Lakota a Dream Catcher heirs of Sandman and will also known as The Phantom. Utmost Creatives Executives personally chose Angel to do the role of Lakota and trusted her for the biggest dream catcher role in the Genius Teens Series. And in the opening of Season One of GT you will understand why she is capable to excel at the task and to impress the viewers with her natural acting skills in a dream catcher role.

We interview her about some personal and role playing questionnaire and we also present what the viewers will expect from her character, as well as its origins.

Q: Tell us about your power in Genius Teens. Can you relate to it personally?

A: My superpower in Genius Teens is to make good dreams, and I think somehow it relates to me because I always want to have good dreams so it feels like Lakota my character gives me the good dreams.

Q: Auditions were extremely competitive with over 100 teens trying out. When you won your part, what was your first reaction, and how did you feel?

A: I was so happy and shocked at that time because I thought to myself like “Wow! I actually got the role.” I was so excited that I get to play a role on a superhero series

Q: Did you tell your friends about Genius Teens, and what was their response?

A: Yes, I definitely told them immediately. They were very happy for me and they also support me.

Q: As one of the main characters, how was your preparation time?

A: I read the script a lot of times, understand the whole story and I did a further research about Lakota

Q: Can you compare Genius Teens with Marvel or DC characters?

A: In Genius teens, it’s a new generation of heroes. This time it’s the teens and kids turn to be the heroes

Q: In the Series, you are first known as a ____________. How was the adjustment?

A: I was first known as Lakota. My adjustment was a bit hard since my character is more calm and mysterious than my previous roles, but after a while I got used to my role.

Q: Are you involved in a fight scene? Did you like that?

A: No, but I would actually love to be involved in a fight scene.

Q: What was your main consideration in accepting this role?

A: First I wanted to join the Gt. I also want to experience joining a web series and to be with my same age group in filming.

Q: Do you think this Genius Teens will help your career?

A: Of Course. It really helps with my exposure because Genius Teens is truly a great web-series and I think a lot of people will come see it.

Q: Which other Genius Teen superhero do you admire?

A: Beast, because she’s shows a strong and independent character. She’s fierce and has a good heart.

Q: What can we expect from you in Genius Teens?

A: You can expect that I have good acting, and great behavior. I can follow the directions of the director and I am always ready for anything.

Q: How will you help to promote GT?

A:I can share the Gt page on my face book account and my YouTube account. I share it also to my family, fans, friends and people I know.

Career Questions:

Q: Is your family supportive of your career/passion?
A: Yes, they’re very supportive of me when it comes to my career/passion. In fact, they are the ones who always encourage me to keep on going.

Q: Tell us about your other acting experience.

A: My acting experience are I acted as Young Imelda Papin on her concert, An Educational Film “A E I O U”, Short Film “Angels”, and a School Play

Q: If you were not acting in front of camera? What are you doing the most?

A: I get busy with my online schooling, practing my songs, and my Fans club.

Q: Have you completed acting workshops?

A: Yes, I completed my acting workshop with another production called “Star Buzz”

Q: Who is your favorite superhero of all time?

A: Wonder Woman, because of her good heart and strong personality.

Q: What are your long term goals?

A: I would want to be an Famous International Singer and Actress.

Q: How many followers do you have?

A: I have 5.2k followers on face book as of the moment.

Q: Do you have any requests for the Producer, Director, or Writer of Genius Teens?

A: Honestly, I wish I could be one of the Genius Teens teens.

Lakota / The Phantom


BASIC INFORMATION: The eldest daughter of Sandman but her kindness is her weakness. Her father is always in favor to her because of positive will and careful decisions. In spite of the hatred of Ojibwe to her, she loves her precious younger sister.  And her love will also bring danger.

ABILITY:  She can create good dreams and future for all, providing them hope. Her other power if to bring peace and calmness.

Real Name: Angel Sophia Laco, 11 Years Old, Actress

Genius Teens is the first series produced by Utmost Creatives and it was written by Mario Alaman, a Filipino Writer and Producer and it is Directed by an Italian Director and VFX Supervisor, Paolo Bertola.   

Photographer: Don Gordon Bell

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