Genius Teens: The Wild Raven

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People may wonder why Synopsis Magazine features new actors in an online cover of Genius Teens.  Well it’s about time our industry introduces new faces, new talents in this rapidly changing 21st Century.  As doors open for the newcomers, the “umay” factor in established television and movies will vanish.

Utmost Creatives is very proud to introduce to you new discovered actors in the industry, but from the “indie world” who were once bit players.   We now aspire for equal billing with the mainstream actors and indies.

In the Superhero Edition of Synopsis Magazine we are featuring Kimchloie Oquendo, an excellent actor  portraying the role of Needle. Utmost Creatives Executives personally chose Kim to do the role of Agatha/Needle and trusted her for the biggest villain role in the Genius Teens Series. And in the opening of Season One of GT you will understand why she is capable to excel at the task and to impress the viewers with her natural acting skills in a villain role.

We interview her about some personal and role playing questionnaire and we also present what the viewers will expect from her character, as well as its origins.

Series Questions:

Q: Tell us about your superpower in Genius Teens.  Can you relate to it personally?

A: Needle has venomous needle-like long nails. I love the fact that she can cut your head off or she can kill you just by a small cut. Personally, i like having long nails because it makes me feel powerful for some reason. Also, i enjoyed Needle’s power so much.

Q: Did you tell your friends about Genius Teens, and what was their response?

A: I did and they’re all looking forward to watch ‘Genius Teens’.

Q: Auditions were extremely competitive with over 100 teens trying out.  When you won your part, what was your first reaction, and how did you feel?

A. I was shocked. I saw a lot of teens when i auditioned and we were to get a role. I know that they did their best, we all did. The chance of being a part of Genius Teen’s was kind of low , so yes, I was really shocked and ecstatic at the same time.

Q:As one of the main characters, how was your preparation time?

A: First thing i did was to give Needle a character. I had to be consistent on that part so i would be always be prepared to be her whenever I step in front of the camera like when I read my script I could think of how she will deliver those lines. Also, I began to love my character more when I gave her mannerisms. It made me so happy bringing her to life.

Q: Can you compare Genius Teens with Marvel or DC characters?

A: To be honest, yes. It was my dream to have this kind of a Marvel inspired movies after all. When you watch it you will find the difference, because here we are using the total capacity of our brains to have power.

Q: In the Series, you are first known as Agatha.   How was the adjustment?

A: I was first known as Agatha, the grumpy student who thinks she’s the greatest person on Earth. Sometimes she can also be very two-faced girl. If we’re talking about mu adjustment, I didn’t had a hard time with it. I asked the lovely  writer of the series about Agatha Cenizal, I asked everything about her and it helped me a lot when it comes to building Agatha’s character.

Q: Are you involved in a fight scene?  Did you like that?

A: Yes, I was involved in a fight scene. These scenes were very challenging for me but with the help of my co-actor and directors, I went smoothly and fun.

Q: What was your main consideration in accepting this role?

A: They offered me an interesting role then I thought, “I can bring justice to this character”.

Q: Do you think this Genius Teens will help your career?

A: Yes, it will.

Q: Which other Genius Teen superhero do you admire?

A: Speed. In all honesty, I want to have his power. I would like to be a speedster. If we’ll think about it, speedsters can phase through anything, speed healing, high metabolism, fast as a light, etc. But if it’s about personality and back-story, my answer would be Laser.

Q: What can we expect from you in Genius Teens?

A: Expect me giving other characters anger management issue.

Q: How will you help to promote GT?

A: I will promote it on social media and to my friends.

Career Questions:

Q: Is your family supportive of your career/passion?

A: Yes. Actually, they can be over-supportive if may say.

Q: Tell us about your other acting experience.

A: Well, I’m a Theater Actress. I’ve also done a lot of Commercials, TV Series and International Movies. I’m always having the Antagonistic Role. I won International Best Child Performance and Best Child Actress from YCC for Death of Nintendo.

Q: If you were not acting in front of camera? What are you doing the most?

A: I might be focussing on my studies since I’m planning on studying Law. I also love reading fan fictions when I have time.

Q: Have you completed acting workshops?

A:  I’ve completed a lot of Acting Workshops since I was 4yo.

Q: Who is your favorite superhero of all time?

A: It’s either Tony Stark or Klaus Hargreeves.

Q: What are your long term goals?

A: Of course, my goal is to have a stable job in the future and live a long and happy life with my family, I just want to have a simple and peaceful life.

Q: How many followers do you have?

A:  Social Media isn’t my focus so I just have  thousand followers.

Q: Do you have any requests for the Producer, Director, or Writer of Genius Teens?

A: I’m actually hoping to have more heavy scenes and a tragic backstory, like a traumatizing one. Also, I wish that the Writer can give me Immortality, respectfully LOL.


Agatha Cenizal

14 years old


Utmost University

INTEREST: Physics, science that deals with the structure of matter and the interactions between the fundamental constituents of the observable universe. In the broadest sense, physics (from the Greek physikos) is concerned with all aspects of nature on both the macroscopic and sub-microscopic levels. Its scope of study encompasses not only the behaviour of objects under the action of given forces but also the nature and origin of gravitational, electromagnetic, and nuclear force fields. Its ultimate objective is the formulation of a few comprehensive principles that bring together and explain all such disparate phenomena.

BIRTHDAY: November 7, 2006

ZODIAC: Scorpio

GUARDIAN: Her parents are Maritess  Alipio and Conrado Cenizal a farmer and market vendor and loving parents of Agatha.

BASIC INFORMATION: She is a good daughter. But her true identity will not remain hidden for she is a child of the Queen of the Damned. And she cannot escape her destiny to rule. He humanness  is part of her present, but her blood and soul is part of the her past and future.

ABILITY: Needle is poisonous, nocturnal and savage, and her nails can grow longer into 12 inches depends on the finger’s length is also sharp as a sword that can cut the hardest steel. And she has the ability to use speed and poisons anyone with her nails.

Real Name: Kim Chloie Oquendo, 14 Years Old, Actress

Genius Teens is the first series produced by Utmost Creatives and it was written by Mario Alaman, a Filipino Writer and Producer and it is Directed by an Italian Director and VFX Supervisor, Paolo Bertola.   

Photographer: Don Gordon Bell

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